Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Because I stay up later most nights for reasons that have been lost in the phases of time, since childhood being a night person, and since this is so I stay up late now when Wave has to get up really early to go to work to make sure the cats do not bug her and keep her awake.She is not the type of person who can sleep well with a lot of noise or light or any such thing. Why a lot of time when I'm restless I go into the living room to help her sleep better. Our little pigs in cat clothing though would eat every other hour if we let them and they try their best to convince us to let them do so. Last night I stayed up in such a fashion and they keep sneaking into the bedroom to wake her up. See these aren't any dumb dogs here, these cats will be sitting beside me on the couch looking dead to the world but the moment I close my eyes for a second off they run. Plus to their sneakiness, these shit heads talk and talk trying to get one of us to feed them extra meals but when the other person gets up or comes home, even though they have been feed at their regular feeding time they act like they are starving. It's sort of like how kids go from one parent to the next. Fuckers! But we love them, they are our family.


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