Saturday, December 6, 2008


So I got a call from Wave and her phone has died in a water bottle accident; so, if you are someone reading this who maybe trying to get ahold of her, you can't! it drowndeded. She will be trying to make provisions to replace soon.

Onto writng updates, I'm basically finished with the YA/Junior fiction book I was writing and now I'm in search of an editor. I'm looking at a possiable May release date and will be deciding if it should be a PDF release like my first book or a bound print run. All of this will be discussed with the editor and others as the months march on. Oh, and to an extra point if I do release as a print bound book I will also release as a PDF to cover both grounds and have the PDF at a cheaper price. All depends on how much cash I have at the date of publication. Right now I'm thinking PDF but if the Gods shine down maybe I will have the cash to self-publish as a printed as in paper book.

And with the above being said it is time to move on to the next project which I think will be the next book in The Tin Universe series that started with Stereo. Yes, that was pimping. Go buy now and support my funds for hiring a quility(=money money)artist for the cover of the next book in the series. The first books cover had a basic minialist feel I love but the next I will probably be going more in the direction of a old style movie poster for it.

I'll end linking to a entry on Neil Gaiman's journal where he writes about freedom of speech and I think it is worth everyone reading.
Why defend freedom of icky speech?


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