Friday, November 21, 2008


But I give you links and little rants.

cell phone records
They are considering firing people? If I'm not mistken didn't they fire the people right off when something semilar happen to Paris Hilton? Shouldn't this be alarming when the man has gotten death threats in the past and people are braking into his personal data?.......


or just one link since I've been searching online for something interesting and nothing is catching my degraded brain.

Award-winning Actor Announces His Departure
What I will miss the most is how much he seemed to care about trying to make a good show. Plus, he sexey.

'Ugly ducklings'
Sometimes I think I was lucky that I didn't get the male brain, I like my female brain. Though it's low grade in all respects at least my tongue stays in place and when it runs, I stand by what it says.

Pages Thief
Sounds like an idea for a book I think.

Boy Bras
I may need one soon :(

$25 billion loan
How can a companies ask for money when they sat around in their 8thousand dollar chairs for years yelling, "America good!" as a progresive sales plan and not inproving their product; while the rest of the world left them in the dust. It's a shame if people lose their jobs but the American car industry has had their heads up their own asses for decades.
And how come a fucking billion dollar company can get loans from the goverment when small company has to blow all of the old boys of congress to get a hi?

Bush signs bill
Does me no good considering they turned me down because I quit a company that was mistreating employees, acting in sexist and racist hiring actions, and Hey, they even canceled a check on me once because I wanted a weekend off. But I was wrong for quiting, I should have gotten fired, firing for some reason is better. I should have invested in a good case of chasing them down through a Wal-Mart parking lot and running them over with road rage, that's what I should have done.

See what coffee does to me.

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