Thursday, November 6, 2008


Elections and all, I’m in no mood.
Wins, loses, lives, the benevolent nature of America’s ability to hug prejudice with delight. When I was younger I use to wonder how people could have lived while others were being treated less than human, how people could have sat while others were being separated for only reasons of hate? I use to wonder how anyone ever thought THE LOVE BOAT was a good show?
Now I live in a country where LOST is considered made of fine crafted televised materials and a nation community can look at other people, a populace can pass laws against other human beings to tell them that they are less than human. Why in history have bombs gone off in city squares, why have rebellions began from the underbelly of poverty and injustice, why do ideas of freedom become rancid?
Why are After School Specials always about Jesus? Where is Satan’s After School Special?
All of the bullshit logic starts with thick people sitting around wondering how those of the past could let travesties of inhumanity happen, and then see it happening all around them and not scream at the prejudice, fight the criminality of it all, punch the nearest politician in the face, scratch out the eyes of the fraudulent press, or write rants, rambles, and books about the times we live in?
Remember when K.F.C. use to have Chicken Nuggets? I don’t know if they had any real chicken in them but those were so good. What? I’m not writing a world view here. Fuck deep thoughts, I can live with 42 as my answer to everything and walk away smiling for now.

Out in the desert,
Where the fish swim for their lives,
Out in the desert pretty boys are ugly,
And princesses dream of marrying their wives,
I locked out the washed up God thought,
No candy for landing on your ass all rough,
That monkey on our back ant so tough,
Out in the seas,
Where the birds spawn toads,
Out in the seas waves wash away our sins,
And we all draw nothing but elevens, sixes, and tens,

Things around me within reaching distance that make me smile. Garfield is behind me on the back of the couch, Salem by the sliding glass doors, the pencil Wave gave me with a rainbow on it for eraser usage because I always use the erasers on my Zebra lead holders up real quick. (I say lead holders instead of lead pencils because that is what my Drafting/Design teacher made us call them.)
The journal of notes for the 1st Draft of my YA/Junior fiction book. I’m up to 1000 words every other night on that book. The in-between nights if I’m not feeling like shit, I go to bed early to be beside Wave as we fall to sleep together. The popcorn logic of the Writing Gods says I write better in the witching hours and thus miss being beside the lady I love moments.
An empty bottle of Pepsi is sad but having someone who bought you a Pepsi and knows the things you like and doesn’t have to be asked to get them for you. Well, that’s a fucking (I am not ashamed of words) fucking great thing.
There is a copy of Vampire Kisses (which kicks Twilight’s ass) which signifies our mutual love of books.
And let us not forget two empty bottles of nighttime pain relievers, which shows not only the fact that neither of us sleeps much without help but also that our joy for the miracles of modern Pharmacia happies.

You wish to walk me to a suicide booth,
Tell me your truth or dare,
Push me around, make fun of my smile, stare,
Laugh, riot, pray, and while you at it,
Put the pill on the tip of your tongue to care,
Sing those rainbows and zombie Christ’s, that’s it,
Nothing like a vote that doesn’t count,
Nothing like a silent shout out,
Nothing to guard us from the wolves,
Nothing to wear but a ware out,
The ghost bites and we bite back,
Never learning,
Shacking our sack,
Here’s where we lack,
Coming on them too much is a little too late,
Sit down with the devil and I’ll tell you what’s at stake,
Nothing like a vote that delivers a blow,
Nothing like a sign that comes with the snow,
Nothing pale in singing I hate you,
Nothing golden but love it when yours has come due,
Donald Dare and the cell phone drink,
Smoke that thang to light up that retro look,
Go holy and see how much you have taken,
I’m lost and what’s your excuse,
It’s not an election to all, It’s all we have that we have to loose each and every time,
I will not put my mark on a cause gone astray,

When the Earth was born, yes it is going to be one of those stories that will start just this way. Long ago when the Earth was born, birthed from its core was a great spider. If the Great Spider stood in the middle of New York City it would look down in shame at any of the skyscrapers we have grown to worship. That’s why it is called the Great Spider. One big nasty piece of work and you should be able to visualize from that.
The Great Spider made the planet a graveyard of its pleasures. As the molten shape of the planet was hardening and finding its way The Great Spider destroyed all signs of life it could find. When those of the stars came to visit the new planet it consumed them. When pilgrims came to see what shape this mass was forming into the Great Spider made them groceries for a form that did not really need substance.
Then the time came as the planet was becoming green and blue, the Dinosaur Gods choose the Earth as the place they would call their new home, having abandoned their Heaven, the place they would give up their immortality to shed the burden of Godhood would be the Earth.
When the Dinosaur Gods arrived they found the Great Spider and a battle raged that was fierce and heard in clap throughout existence. In the end even the Dinosaur Gods were not able to destroy the Great Spider but they were able to destroy its solid body and banish its spirit body into the future.
See where this is going now? Yes, to the end of an incoherent blog entry but something else, within this story fixation also.
After the Great Spider was banished, the Dinosaur Gods gave up their immortality and settled down to live lives of love, age, and death. They never got much of a chance for the first two since they picked a really wrong time to give up their immortality because a big bulky rock hit them all on their horned heads.
Now if that ungodly long and grammatically incorrect paragraph was not enough we follow with the beginning of a story about a young women (those types of stories are in fashion) lover of Goth fashion and feminist music (those stereotypes are in fashion) who tempted fate and went and got herself bitten by a spider at a young age. That never turns out good for any character written by someone with an overactive imagination.
Her name? Wait, let us think of something good???? Do you have anything? No? Ok, where is the phone book?... …. …. How about Chase Zegers?... … No?... I don’t really think using the word “Sucks” does anything positive for our situation here. I like Chase Zegers and, so, I think I’m going to stick with it. Yes, maybe I am being childish just because I can’t face criticism but that is my way of facing reality, you have your porn and Meg Cabott(sp) books and I have my delusions.
Chase was bitten by the spider, which was a pet named Newton, owned by her best friend Kickoff, that’s a nickname, and was squished by her Hot Topic biker boots right after it had bitten her.
When she awoke two weeks later guess what? She was haunted by dreams (now that’s lazy writing) about the birth of life on Earth and thoughts of eradicating humanity made her horny (because exploitation of female sexuality feeds advertisers).
Well, let us hope I don’t get around to writing this story because I think the Earth is doomed. And here you thought it would be Dick Chaney who brought about the End Of The World!
He still has time though.
Watch the skies!

And that ends this day’s entry,
Miss me?

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