Wednesday, October 15, 2008


So what has been going on in my world of late?
Well, locally someone set off some sort of jar or pipe bomb at the local community college a few days ago or was it weeks ago? Times flies when you are being emo.
Wave’s sister watched someone from her school get hit by a car. Cheerleader with drama at eleven.
Wave was threatened by someone after they almost hit her trying to avoid a speed bump and she told them they need to watch where they’re going; so, they threatened her. I went off at the complex office about how dangerous people drive within the complex grounds. I think sometimes Wave thinks this sort of things doesn’t anger me but it does, beyond measure, but I have to keep my cool or random stupid people will get targeted instead of specific stupid people. But if I could, I wouldn’t mind really running these people over, not with a car, just a golf cart, a few times.
My world has been writing, dishes, writing, depression, trash, writing, Xbox, depression, writing, Xbox, dvds, writing, cat boxes, library book sales, trash, cat boxes, hotel sex, writing, writing, and writing. Oh, and I finally got up the courage and watched the Dukes Of Hazzard movie. Poor movie, it sucked so much it was sad.
While Wave was in Tampa for a class I picked up a writing book from the U.S.F. library that I really enjoyed. It’s titled- Getting The Words Right: 39 Ways To Improve Your Writing by Theodore A. Rees Cheney. I’m really enjoying this book on writing when I usually hate books about writing. The best thing is the points that so many books bring up is hitting home with me. It’s a book about Revision which all writers cuddle like a child, me very much so, and the older I get, the older I get, and the more I see what a creative joy editing and revising can give a writer after you get through ALL THE FUCKING HARD WORK.
Oh, and for those who in the past enjoyed my ranting and raving about political issues and have emailed me asking why they never see those types of entries anymore? Well, for my own health in getting things done I’m staying away for the most part from ranting and raving in my writing, unless in the body of my incoherent hack books. Love you peeps for saying you enjoyed it when I discussed issues but since so much of the world is just simply disgusting in it bigotry, racism, sexism, and moneyism(could be a word some day?) I don’t want to distract my writing by feeding it spoiled foods.
Second “Oh” I know most of my writing is a little ranty and raving like but maybe for now I will just bore people with stories of my obsession with all things Doctor Who(I’m 20 dvds behind for my collection and god those new figures are cool) my endless tales of trying and trying and trying even those quite a few people say I should give up, face reality, and my over usage of the library system in putting things on hold which poor Wave lugs home when they come in from the other libraries.
Speaking of my lady love, I needed Neil Gaiman’s new book, a must need to add to my collection. Must satisfy my desires….wait no, not desires… how about wishes or requirements? Use a wrong word and everything goes haywire, a writing lesson learned. Well, to move on from my “ranting” Wave purchased it for me today. I love the lady.


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