Thursday, August 2, 2012

Where I answer to the threat of I'm going to tell your family you're an atheist.

     Sometimes you just don't say something because it just never came up directly. It's not avoiding or dancing around, it's just has never pooped up in thoughts or conversation. At least I don't think it has? I've written so much stuff alone it could fill a library so to be honest I'd be highly surprised if at some point I didn't address it.
     Funny though how people will use such situations such as a subject not coming up within their view to try and say you are hiding something. A couple days ago after I posted something online that a person I use to be friends with didn't agree with they said this to me and quoting, "You are so full of bullshit. You talk about people being honest but you hid from the fact that your atheist. How would you like it if I told your parents?" One, I'm not a atheist to get that right out there but also two, I'm not hiding anything. I guess it just never came up where I stated clearly online what my quote unquote BELIEF STANCE WAS.
     Most people who know me personally know I'm Agnostic but even that to is like labeling a empty jar as empty. The jar is open to being filled with gold but right now its empty. How is that not enough? You never know that jar might be filled with Snow Caps later, ant gold but to some, that's enough.
     I don't really like Snow Caps but I was trying to think of a candy and that was the only one that popped into my head because Mar like them.
     I was born and raised with religion around me. The good sides of it and the bad... and the really weird. It was never forced on me and the basic beliefs my family taught me was to try be a good person and treat other people the way you want to be treated.
     I've also been baptized, been in many different places of worship, and own and read often several religious text.
     I think my ear still has water in it from that creek though?
     I don't even think I listed Agnostic or anything on the image above which I use when I talk about this sort of personal thing in a blog entry. But I did mention "Dunked under water for God."
     Here's a way smarter man than I hitting word for word how I feel about the subject: Atheist Vs. Agnostic.
     I want to wrap this by getting back to the subject of someone trying to use something I haven't disclosed or forgot, that I haven't or just didn't care to notice that I haven't, as a almost threat to me.
    That sentence was lame and this whole thing is a lame and cowardly act from a former friend.
    So if you want to forward this to my family. Go ahead. My mom, though we don't agree on a lot of things, is on my Facebook. She'll see this on her own so you don't have to trouble yourself.
    To end, this rather silly thing really didn't anger me. I'm a pretty open person about my life, my mistakes, and my views on just about everything and when I don't talk about something its usually because it would directly hurt someone I love. Oh, and if someone I love does feel hurt when finding out I'm not a believer in their mythology, then that says more about them than it does about me. So atheist, no. Agnostic, I guess if you want to throw a label at me but it's really not worth the effort. They don't stick. Not because I'm super cool or anything but more because I'm that weird that nothing sticks to me.
     Plus I can say as many fuck you's and anyone else can.

sorry, couldn't help myself.


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