Monday, August 20, 2012

Things For Sale To Pay Some Bills

     Have some dvds I'm putting up for sale. This would be best to sale local because the shipping would probably cost more than what I'm charging for the item. The best case would be to sale everything listed for $100.00 but if you want to buy them individual here's the listing.

$5.00 dvds
Four Weddings And A Funeral,
Say Anything,
R/R Licensed By Royalty Vol.1,
Spirited Away,
Tokyo Godfathers,
Ghost In The Shell 2,
Millennium Actress,
Noir Vol.1,
The Princess Blade,
Sin City,
Big Trouble In Little China,
American Splendor,
Clash Of The Titans,
Harriet The Spy,
The Spy Who Loved Me,
Die Another Day,
Tomb Raider,
Tomb Raider And The Cradle Of Life,
Transformers the animated movie,
The Incredibles,
Titan AE,
Reboot: Demon Rising,
Good Morning Vietnam,
Real Genius,
Monty Paython and The Holy Grail,
Life Of Brian,
Bulletproff Monk,
Matrix Reloaded,
Matrix Revolutions,
V For Vendetta,
Time Bandits,
The Adventures of Baron Munchausen,
Willy Wonka,
Office Space,
Casino Royale,
Princess Bride,
4 Films Favorites Draculas,
Hellsing Vol.1,
Blade Runner,
The Crow,
Pan's Labyrinth,

$15.00 dvd season or series sets
Remington Steele Season 1,
Mad About You Season 1,
As Time Goes By Season 1&2,
As Time Goes By Season 3,
All Creatures Great And Small Season 1,
Gargoyles Season 1,
Ab Fab Seasons 1, 2, and 3
Cheers Season 1,
Northern Exposure Season 1,
Buck Rogers of the 20th century complete series,
Night Court season 1,
Transformers season 1,
Dungeons & Dragons complete series,
The Secret Life Of Alex Mach season 1,
Farscape season 1,
Neon Genesis Evangelion complete series,
G.I. Joes vol.1,
King Of The Hill Season 1,
X complete series,
MASH compete series.

$10.00 dvd sets
Jack Ryan Trilogy,
The Ultimate Ric Flair Collection,
Ric Flair And The Four Horsemen,
The Rise And Fall of ECW,
Defenders Of The Universe vol.1,
The Dusty Rhodes Story.

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