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I wonder what I'm going to write about today....?

          How about a little cheat entry made up of two top-ten lists.

     Current Top-Ten Comic Books{these are for the most part books I'm following in trades}:
1- Y The Last Man
* I'm on volume 8. I pick up one or two volumes of this series a year and it never disappoints. One of my favorite comics of all time. Great writer, great interior art, and some of the best covers I've ever seen.
2- Buffy The Vampire Slayer (the season series)
* Loved season eight and looking forward to getting the first volume of season nine. I saw it the other day at the comic book store but I was already planning to pick up the new Guild trade so maybe next time.
3- Naruto
* The void in me from no more Harry Potter was filled by Naruto and it continues to be one of the best, most creative, and heart pounding stories in manga or any other comic book storytelling form. The last few volumes were a  little too Naruto less for me but right now I have Volume 57 sitting in front of me ready to go.
4- X-Factor
* Peter David writing X-Factor means I'm buying X-Factor. Probably my favorite Marvel book over the past five or so years. The only mainstream superhero books I was buying for a long time were Secret Six and X-Factor.
5- Batwoman
* Some of the best art in any comic going whether its mainstream superhero stuff or not. One of my favorite DC characters right now.
6- Animal Man
* I have always loved Animal Man. I have all the old trades and love his appearances in the old Justice League Europe series, which I'd love to have in trade also; so I had to pick up the first volume of the reboot and I wasn't disapointed. Can't wait until Volume 2 and this will also lead me to reading Swamp Thing in the New 52 DC Universe.
7- Saga
* I bought the first four issues of Saga and now will be going only trades with it but not because I don't like it, the complete other way is true, I will be buying these trades for a long time into the future.
8- Wonder Woman
* Was looking forward to volume one of the reboot of Wonder Woman so much that I even bought this in hardcover and as anyone who reads my blog, or my Twitter, or my Facebook, or is near me at the right rant moments knows I had hardcover comic books.
9- Stormwatch
* I enjoyed the first volume and though I'm disappointed Paul Cornell left the series I really like the whole concept of how it was relaunched and how its meant to fit into the overall DC Universe.
10- DMZ
* I got volume one of DMZ for free at my local comic book store Famous Faces And Funnies as part of their Free Comic Book May promotion. Volume 2 is on my list as I think I've found another series to add to my trade buying.
     {Remember check out your local comic book shop for all of these great series}

     Current Top-Ten TV or Web Series:
1- Doctor Who
* THE BEST TELEVISION SERIES OF ALL TIME! A lot of the modern Doctor Who is on Netflix and a few classic stories. More classic stories Netflix, please. NOW!!!
2- Bob's Burgers
* "I think I have a yest infection. Would you smell my fingers?" and so this show had me with those lines. Bob's Burgers is currently on Netflix and has passed both The Simpsons and South Park in my viewing love for animated comedies.
3- The Big Bang Theory
* Smart, creative, well acted, well written, and a great sitcom that plays with modern view points in a classic sense of what a sitcom is. In so many ways BBT is a throw back to old sitcoms.
4- Young Justice
* The best superhero animated series on television. Though the current Invasion story makes you wonder if the series has a goal point, it still is sharply written during these overall story arcing movements with individual  character high points and fan wank moments that never feel like wank.
5- The Guild
* Felicia Day did not only create my favorite web series ever. I truly think she energized the whole creative heart of the internet whether asswipes who go after her want to admit it or not. The lady is a creative force that makes me excited for each and every thing she takes part in. One of my inspirations to keep at my projects. You can find The Guild currently on Netflix or on Felicia Day's YouTube channel Geekandsundry. The DVD sets are really cheap on Amazon also.
6- Archer
* "Dangerzooone."
7- Crash Course
* The educational videos of Hank and John Green get me interested in so many things that, I, in the past, had not one bit of interest in because I didn't think I was smart enough.
8- Game Of Thrones
* Not a huge fantasy fan but a friend told me I should check this series out when it started and it's a stop point at our apartment whenever new episodes come out.
9- Vlogbrothers
* The series that started it all for the Green brothers is still one of my favorite shows.
10- Hank Games
* Well, I have to admit I'm more of a Hank Games without Hank fan when his brother John plays FIFA Football.

     *how come whenever I try to do a cheat fast entry it ends up drowned in links and ramble? Maybe I should just post pictures with text everyone is putting onto every picture online and call it a day?

     John Green gives a Vidcon recap of thoughts. The Physics of Book Clubs and Vidcon
     This Indoor Kids ends up mainly being about everyone's masturbation habits. LOLLIPOP CHAINSAW - James Gunn slashes zombies with The Indoor Kids
     If you like bugs and the like check out this Crash Course. Annelids & Arthropods Biology #23
     A few Crash Course history lessons on religions. Christianity from Judaism to the Constantine: Crash Course World History... and Islam, the Quran, and the Five Pillars All Without a Flamewar: Crash Cou...
     SciShow dives into Altruism
     Video Game High School episode 2

     This is fucking bullshit. And its always Florida. Living in Florida is like living on the surface area of a anus.
     Florida might be the wang of America but Rich Scott is leftover foreskin someone voodooed into life. Has this mother fucker done anything remotely worse shit beside cutting spending. Just cutting spending does nothing because that like amputating an arm for finger cuts.
     When the same telemarketers keep calling me I like to pull up a porn clip on the internet and hold my phone up to the speakers.
     Ok, Scott has problem with doctors asking if you own a gun but its ok for doctors to not treat women on moral grounds? Ok not to give out medicine based on religious views? When the fuck did our country become a scifi novel? It's a hard life for a writer out there trying to create crazier shit that's really happening, right now, in America. Federal Judge Permanently Blocks Florida Law Banning Doctors From Asking About Guns
     When I was a kid I didnt really care for fireworks. As an adult nothing has changed but for more blood lust. Am I the only sick shit who goes on YouTube the day after the 4th of July looking for disaster videos?
     I love how the GOP is always "We'll allowing killings for not having a little american flag on your jacket." but its ok to boo gay soldiers, to talk shit about female soldiers. People like Joe Walsh are wastes of flesh. Rep. Joe Walsh Blasts Double Amputee’s Military Service, Says She’s Not 
     Every citizen needs something along these lines because of stuff like this among many things in NY.
     Gov websites still look like they were made in 1995 by a 80 yrd grandma who wanted to know what the internets were about and was taking a weekend class. I'M LOOKING AT YOU DMV!


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