Monday, July 30, 2012

Where I talk about MLB 10 The Show Season 1 Game 1, some good links to check out, and RANTS!

MLB 10 The Show Season 1, Opening Day 
Braves Vs. Cubs
     I picked up this game at Target at the end of last year. I think it was the last of their PS2 games because it was tucked into a corner on a discount shelf. I'm going to play with my favorite team the Braves. I skipped spring training and will be starting with the team I have without making any trades off the bat as I usually do. I played a few games with it when I first got it but that was months ago. I haven't played any games for about a month.
   The season started with a single game with the Cubs and then a gap until the first series of the season also against the Cubs. Weird but whatever, I'm going to try and play a series when I play the game. I'm starting out on Veteran Level which is the second level. I did that because I almost always suck at pitching on baseball games until I get to play them for a season or two.

Braves-3 Vs. Cubs-12
at Turner Field
     Topps Player Of The Game: Aramis Ramirez{Cubs} 2 for 4, HR, and 3 RBI
     Winning Pitcher: C. Zambrano
     Losing Pitcher: D. Lowe

     *We started the game off pretty good but had two really bad innings of pitching and even when I had the bases loaded a couple times I hit into two triple plays because I'm still trying to get use to base running on the game. Our time needs to improve the basics or its going to be a very long season.
     *After the game against the Cubs I signed John Smoltz as a free agent and added him to my starting rotation. Now I have six starting pitchers which I think I'll need if my pitching play doesn't improve.

     Speaking of sports game .... gaming? ... here's some John Green FIFA play. Time Travel: The Miracle of Swindon Town #150 and Likable Characters: The Miracle of Swindon Town #151
     My Tumblr is lost out there on the internet somewhere. I forgot which password and email I used to set it up but I never really got into it much. I didn't really see the benefits that separate it from blogging such as on Blogger. Though this reminds me I need to get cracking on a project involving Tumblr that a friend asked for me to help her with. Tumblr: The Musical
     I know I wasn't the only person live tweeting the Olympic opening cermonies but in the end I think Warren Ellis gets the gold ... or maybe something more like a crown of thornes would be more suitable to him?
     One of my favorite podcasts has a new episode up. Stacey's Pop Culture Parlour Episode 6.

     Come on. People running their mouths again. All this lady needs to do is prove she's alive. My state is fast becoming a wet dream out of the mind of Warren Ellis evil twin Wart. Voter Not Dead Again
     To be honest I think it isn't facts Bachmann has problems with but more so reality. She's a little on the nutty side of things. Former Bachmann Campaign Chief: ‘I Am Fully Aware That She Sometimes Has Difficulty With Her Facts’
     The place I was planning to go to so I can get the last of the teeth pulled that a former dentist screwed in and fucked up closed. Thank you Florida for over and over again turning down federal money while closing and cutting government operations one after the other people needs. Fuck you Rich Scott. Oh, and anyone who wants to take the Mitt line about people wanting something for free. Fuck you too. I guess I wont be asking for handouts when I'm dead.
     I love when I see people talking about hating Westboro Baptist Church but then they have things on their Facebook, Twitter feeds, or websites about being against equal marriage or gay rights. You know what the difference is between them and you? They're more honest.
      If you're at work or school or church or surfing the net at your moms house click here. As I have to say from time to time I don't give a fuck if someone gets pissed that I post something here or on one of my sites that someone whines, "That's NSFW."
     Don't you feel great having a Supreme Court Justice who said "There is no right to privacy." Tell me how that makes you feel in your gut? But so many people cheer Scalia. Scalia rejects privacy rights
     I feel a rage blackout coming on today. I taste colors, I see Ragdoll winning a gold metal, I can feel my breakfast. It's a egg.
     Coward. I actually feel a lot of the same feelings about Laura Bush's views before her husband came into office compared to when he was in office. Some of our bravest moments must come when faced with the opposing views of our friends and loved ones. Those are the strongest stances we have to take. I have friends with views all over the place but none of us holds back, speak with respect, and that makes our friendships stronger and that would have made our nation stronger.{me saying this on my Facebook started a good discussion there} Cheney Supported Marriage Equality In 2000, Kept Silent To Help Bush


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