Friday, July 27, 2012

Where I talk about Where to buy Chaos, Jesus Chicken, Shades of grey, and there be Rants.

     First a reminder that I uploaded Chaos Read #5 to my Smashwords store yesterday if anyone is interested. As always with the series it's You Pick The Price! For all things Chaos Read related you can also visit the series blog. I plan to do more with these series blogs in the coming months so if you are following the series you might want to book mark the blogs for updates. Let me know what you think about #5 in the comments for that release post.
     Next months release will be a story that exists in The Collected Universe of stories. You might remember that from the weekly blog story series Clean Cue City I was doing for a while but got sidetracked off from when I started doing the Tin Universe and Chaos Read series. The Clean Cue City will be returning next year by the way but not weekly. I'll release news on that at the beginning of 2013. The story coming out in August will not require you to read any other past Collected stories because it's set so far in the future nothing hardly remains of the past.
      That new story for August is called Quoit and will be my first full fledged attempt at a fantasy story. It will be released towards the end of the months under the You Pick The Price! purchasing model. I'll be releasing just about everything under, You Pick The Price, and most defiantly all stories that are introductory stories to future releases or standalone tales. The main things I will be setting a price on will be Tin Universe stories and collections.

     Now that that's out of the way I wanted to talk about "bad" writing. Well, from my bad writing to what others call "bad" writing. I think I mentioned it before but I will do so again, as part of a project with a friend we are going to be reading books we think are over hyped bad and over hyped good and look at how that may skewer our views either way. The first book we are reading is Fifty Shades Of Grey by E L James. We are going to be commenting one chapter at a time as a short of book club so people can also read alone and leave their comments also. That project will go live next week.
     But what I'm going to talk about instead is Jesus Chicken. I'll have enough time to talk about that project next week when it launches.
     Oh, yes, I eat at Jesus Chicken. That's Chick-Fil-A for those who don't follow my ramblings on Twitter. It's what my friends and I have always called it. You know the place that has always been extremely Christian, the place that has always donated to anti-gay groups... but now people are blowing up about this. 
     Yes they are bastards for working with these anti-gay groups but you know like Target has done that also but then again I guess Target is all gay and out from the closet like a GOP homophob now.
     Love that timing Target.
     Spot on marketing.
     But now people are all in the rage eyes for Chick-Fil-A? I want to state one thing right off. If you go to a Jesus Chicken and act like an ass to the employees there or try to shut down and hurt the business of a individual restaurant you the fucking ass now. You ant doing shit to the company as a whole. You're just fucking with people trying to make a living.
     If you don't want to eat at a restaurant or shop at a store because of where the money goes from your purchases then that's your choice but this pick and choose and meme like activism is sort of bullshit.
     And if my comments didn't piss you off enough I also love Wagner, shop at Wal-Mart, masturbate daily, think Christopher Nolan is over rated, and read  Machiavelli .
     Meme activism can be a part of activism but without anything else like field work, staying informed, and putting your money where you photoshoped shared photo is, it's just a game of pass the hot issue around until everyone gets tired of it.
     From what I've read about this reboot of The Munsters it sounds interesting. I'd rather see them do this with that show than try to recreate the feel of the original. They've tried that and failed.
     This is pretty cool and has a cameo from one of my favorite online content creators: Higgs Boson Part III: How to Discover a Particle

     Look  here where I'm from made the Globe And Mail. If you find it interesting that a country like the United States has to do something like that to treat its sick, then think about that back home, where finding cell service is a give up prospect, there are more ways to find treatment than they are here in Florida. Florida you are more backwards than where I'm from.
     My question is. Who are these stupid investors? Did you research what kind of business Facebook is? How it makes profit?....well, you know supposed profit. Breaking News ‏@BreakingNews Facebook's stock hits a new low after 2nd-quarter results disappoint investors - @AP
     You have to love a good white washing of history. The NCAA sure does. Then again so does our government, our history books, the WWE, and just about everyone. And people wonder why intelligence is seen as threatening in this country. We don't learn from anything. George Orwell and the N.C.A.A.
     I have a feeling that a lot of people who are so up in their shorts and angry trying to deny anyone who is gay basic human rights, if they are of the age, are probably happy recalling the good old days of white only bathrooms and lynchings. And if you don't like what I said FUCK YOU because its the truth.
     If you seriously believe that getting rid of government regulations when it comes to running a business, doing away with the EPA and OSHA for examples, is the way to strengthen business- Then you would be right. You would also be very stupid. The bottom line for a company would improve because the more any company can treat its employees like cows in a field and screws in a tool book, the more money they will make. So if that's what you want America, give in to your masters wishes. For another view on this subject check out this video by John Green where he talks about it while playing FIFA.
     And to drop the mic Nom Nom Nom

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