Monday, July 9, 2012

Where I talk about Why I don't recycle, the holy grail of ebook promoting, and religious freedom.

     Global Warming.
     It's simple. It's like me cleaning this apartment. Could I die if I don't clean this place? Medically is the dust in the carpet, the crumbs in between cracks, and the trash in the can harmful to my health unless something is done RIGHT NOW?
     Doesn't matter.
     I know if as soon as I post this blog entry I vacuum, clean, take out the trash, it will probably make things a lot easier for me and everyone living here health wise.
     Anyway, I'm just being lazy if I don't clean up.
     It's the same thing with the planet. Is Global Warming real? Not really the issue, here it is. If it's not, if the projections and the data are wrong then you get a cleaner planet. The air, the roads, the oceans, the rivers, the products we handle every day will be cleaner and better for our lives.
     Stop being stupid and lazy humans.
     If the data on Global Warming is as bad as so many very smart people think it is then we are wising up so to do something.
     It really is win/win in all ways but one, and there is always one, because I don't believe in win/win situations. The one way is that it goes down hill against the uphill cannibalistic nature of human greed and the current state of human thinking which is that thinking.... is some how a bad thing.
     What do I know? I'm just this buy on the internet, talking to the internet, as a guy on the internet.
     Well, that track to the next thought sucked?
     But me? Personally. You may ask how is my impact and footprint on the planet going? I don't care. I don't recycle. All trash goes in the trash. The one big green nasty smelling thing two feet from our apartment building. If we had recycling bins where I live I'd use them but I'm not going out of my way to do it.
     I also don't throw trash everywhere and make Native Americans on the side of the road cry or anything because that's just stupid and its kind of like shitting in your own living room.
     Unless you install a toilet in the living room and then it's on Simpsons style, "Out of my way, got to poop."
     What I have is a thinking of the thoughts that goes like this. When it comes to recycling. Stop the save the Earth talk. The Earth is going to be fine. The planet is going to be fine. She's tough. You're stupidity can't kill her. This old lady wont go down that easy. It's going to kill your offspring and their offspring and future generations but she'll home state it all and make it through. She might get really hot or really cold for a while but she's been there and done that before and as soon as humanity is off her back riding along without any thoughts of care for her beast of burden love she'll be smiling.
     “I have heard the languages of apocalypse, and now I shall embrace the silence.” ― Neil GaimanThe Sandman: Endless Nights
     So keep saying Global Warming is a fraud, keep saying it's the End Of Days. When all the flesh wanks are gone, Mother Earth she'll heal, she'll be good.
     The day humanity is totally wiped out will be the true Earth Day.
     Earth will be all permanent vacationing it.
     Well, at least until the Sun explodes....

     “As many know, the Chinese expression for "crisis" consists of two characters side by side. The first is the symbol for "danger," the second the symbol for "opportunity."― Al Gore
     You really should listen to him.

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Rants and screams:
     People are always pointing me to websites or articles that say they know how to promote ebooks. When I visit these sites I for the most part find nothing but bullshit. The thing about the internet is there are so many roads you can take to find both success and failure. No one person has the "ANSWER" "!" As a old t-shirt of mine says, "Beware those who say they have found answers, seek those who are still on the journey."
    'We want religious freedom. Well, not your religion. Or you, I mean really? You people can't even tip up to the offering plate, out you go. Some people. Ok, now you are just being stupid, no sons of Cain allowed, Herman or otherwise. Stop going after my religion, it really takes away from my time from which I can go after your religion. The Bible says what? Love? *fingers in the ears, fingers in the ears* STOP TELLING ME WHAT MY RELIGION IS ! and please for Gods sake stop using reasoning skills when talking to me. It just ant fair.'  Louisiana Republican Supports State Funds For Religious Schools, As Long As They’re Not Islamic


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