Saturday, July 21, 2012

This Has To Stop, please.

     Here's where I just talk for a little bit of time until I'm done, short or long, and when its time to stop I'll stop to then go back to the story I started writing yesterday. That or clean up the apartment. I've been too lazy in that regard of late. This isn't for anyone else, this isn't to change minds or show how smart I am or how stupid others are. A lot of the time on the internet people mistake sharing with telling or seeking. This is just sharing.
     I grew up with guns. They were in our home most of my life. I was taught to respect their bloody nature. Told to never point unless you mean to kill and what killing was. That wasn't a glossed over thing in our lives even at a young age. But there are so many people who can't grasp these things and that's why we need to stop this obsession we have with guns. We will fight for a right to arms ourselves with so much destruction but it's a foreign concept to us that everyone should have the right to good healthcare? That's a little twisted to me.
     When people describe Americans two things that usually come up are our obsessions with cars and guns.
     That and how we call a sport football where the players only use their feet a few times a game.
     Cars might choke the planet a bit, and we all know my view on that subject, but this obsession with guns has to stop. I'm all for people being able to protect their homes but you should have to take classes on using a gun before buying one. You shouldn't be able to own fifty guns and more ammo than the local police department and more military gear than soldiers in Afghanistan. Want to say you're a collecting then fill in the barrels. Fuck this bullshit. These types of mass shootings draw a lot of attention like gun deaths are rare in this country but its just not true. Mass shootings aren't really that rare. We don't worship money, we court money and worship death.
     I know as a country we have this built in mistrust of our government and that feeds in our so called tradition of gun ownership. And that flys against how much bullshit we believe from politicians Mistrust but blindly trust? Those things don't weigh out.
     I know government mistrust is so real in the southern portions of the country and poorer areas and there are real true reasons for this but what we are being sold isn't tradition but a bill of sale for the deaths of our loved ones.
     Almost every other month we have a gun show just down the street from where we live and that's always been mind numbing to me to have them that often. Gun manufactures push people to arms themselves whenever their is a politician in office to built hate against. "He's coming after your guns, stock up." They buy politicians, change laws, and talk freedom interrupting the tears from those we love before the steam has even stop rising off the newly dead.
     Is this what we are as a country? One that can't learn? One that keeps allowing people to force feed things into our heads that strip away our flesh and destroy lives? Aren't we stronger than this? ? ?

     When you spend a lot of your early life in hospital beds you become a writer. That or a constant masturbator. I'm an overachiever and became both so this is how I talk about things. I write them down.

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