Thursday, July 12, 2012

Where I talk about How writers are masters of avoidance, Mitt Romney, Daniel Tosh, and Joe Paterno.

What should I talk about today....

     Well, one that I didn't update a blog entry yesterday but to be honest my brain was just blank all day for some reason. I also know I haven't updated with a game play entry in a while either. That comes down to two thing. 1, I'm looking into how to capture the video from play to maybe start doing a web series of my game play and 2, I just haven't had time to play anything. I'll try my best to do a update on Monday; which would be the first game of my first season playing MLB 10 The Show.
     But I was productive writing wise yesterday as I started planning out my next full length book. I'm approaching this book in ways that I've never done any story before. I'm laying out and planning the book on note cards to try to correct issues I have had in the past with the flow of a book, with making each character unique, and taking readers in interesting directions that aren't compromises on my part.
     What I meant by that last one is that I'm also going to be approaching this book with a firm plan to go head on with my weaknesses as a writer and not go away, or around, or substitute something else to get keep from facing them.
     I think one thing a writer can do after they start to see their weaknesses is find ways of not addressing them. Knowing  is half the battle but it's not all G.I. Joe. I've had times were I would run into a issue I know I have problems with but I would go another route to take it easy on myself. Don't learn a damn thing taking it easy on yourself.
     Maters of avoidance writers so are.

     I watched the first episode of this new web series by Sandeep Parikh and plan to watch more. Issue #1: The Super Force Versus The Bottom Line
     New episode of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. This show grew on me to now I look forward to new episodes. Meeting Bing Lee - Ep: 28
     A blast from the past. I always liked the idea of the Jim Crockett Cup because it paused feuds and stories for a while to just have a tournament of wrestling. The 'American Dream' Dusty Rhodes teams with the 'Russian Nightmare' Nikita Koloff to take on Rick Rude and Manny Fernandez in the Jim Crockett Cup. From 4/11/87
     Courtney Summers guests on the SF Signal Podcast and talks about her new book THIS IS NOT A TEST as well as other subjects. Give it a listen. 

   No Mr. Romney, no one wants free stuff. Nothing is free. You are right there. It's not free because people pay taxes on income, purchases, cars, houses, land, and 800 other things. And there is the biggest not free in all of this and that all of us having loved ones sacrificing their lives to prop up this government. Most people are fine with doing that thinking then the government will be there for them when they need it. What you want is for citizens to dish out their money with no return when they find a need for help in their live. Not how that's going to work. That leads to a charging of the gates in time; which frankly maybe what this country might need. I have a question for everyone- why follow rules of law of a government, why pay taxes, why be non-violent when your government isn't asking for citizens to be part of a two way participation in government but instead asking for serfdom? Romney: NAACP members want ’free stuff’
     People have asked me what I think about the Daniel Tosh issue that's come up. I've always said there isn't a word or a subject that you can't use in any form of art and comedy is art. But I've also always said unless you are a complete dumb fuck idiot then you have to know that using certain subject matter in your art will get you a very certain kind of response. So thinking Daniel Tosh has a brain he had to know going in what would come of this but it wasn't even his talk about rape jokes being funny that was the issues here. By the way he wasn't telling a joke but that's neither here or there, some comedians are conversation comedians. The real issue comes when he was heckled by someone who didn't like what he was saying and his response was,  “Wouldn’t it be funny if that girl got raped by like, 5 guys right now? Like right now? What if a bunch of guys just raped her…” That's not a joke. That's creating a hostile dangerous environment for this person and that makes him a coward in a high level of cowardice. Everyone talks about the whole "yelling fire in a theater" thing when it comes to censorship. That's what he did right there. He put that person in danger. People claiming any outcry against it is censorship, look up the word. Everyone else has the same right to criticize speech as the person who originally said something they didn't agree with.
Daniel Tosh Jokes About Seeing a Heckler Get Gang Raped
     Another thing people have asked me about today is the report that just came out today about the Penn State/Jerry Sandusky investigation. First don't even bring up football to me. That's bullshit. Talking about wins or loses and legacies of coaches is a insult to the victims in this case. But whenever this comes up people have always brought up Joe Paterno so I'll say something about him. No matter what today's report says what really made me lose respect for him was when asked if he ever talked to Jerry Sandusky about the things that were being said about him Paterno said no, he never brought it up. Never even mention it to someone he considered a friend. To me even if this was going on about my best friend, even if I never for a second thought the things being said could possibly be true, I as a human being talking to another one would ask- why are people saying this? What could be the reasoning them saying these things? Paterno didn't even bring it up to Sandusky. That's so telling to me.


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