Friday, May 30, 2008


I'm sorry for the delay in releasing REFRESHING BORING DEADLY but personal issues have keep me off the computer and mostly in a daze of feeling like shit and thinking like shit internally, if that makes any sense to anyone but me? The little story thing in the last post is the type of fiction I write when working through feelings in my brain. For the most part those end up in the trash or just in paper journals but I thought I would share a little of my madness, you can thank me later.

I guess every since I left my last job, through struggles and failures in trying to help friends, being betrayed by friends, being salad sided with the constant pain of my teeth, being hospitalized, being shown that no matter how bad my health is- money changes everything, feeling like crap in the job search...I guess with all of those things and others like having to sale my truck, I'm digging myself out of a grave of deep depression that is one hand full of dirt at a time. Wave has been a saint for putting up with me.

From now on I think I will concentrate on the projects I have to work on, the big ones, and not bring in too many little things like REFRESHING BORING DEADLY. I will finish R.B.D. and other small projects; which will be sometimes free and sometimes for a small charge but I think I will do them simply as side projects, at my own pace, and only announce when finished. I also need to keep up on outside my writing life things that keep me sane like going to the gym, keeping up with our new little garden area, cleaning the apartment and keeping it clean, cooking, and enjoying having someone in my life who I love more than anything else in the world....Yes Wave, more than my Doctor Who stuff :)

Currently I'm working on a YA book, I have a idea for another YA book which I want to write with a friend, I have the next book in the Tin Universe series in progress, and a charity project. Not to say I will not be doing anything outside of these things if lets say a paying project or an interesting non-paying project comes along, I'm there, but I need focus. My body and mind right now does not have focus and I need to take charge of the whole mess and make something of it no matter how I feel.


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