Saturday, November 28, 2009

LuLu Raises Prices

LuLu raised their prices on materials so now I have to raise mine. I wouldn't do this if sales were blowing off my doors but they are not. If sales go up on materials I might lower some prices in the future but right now I can't afford to do that and no way I can sale anything for $1.50 again because doing that has only LuLu making a dime and me not even a dime.
My poetry collections will go to $2.00, Books to $3 to $6, and comics to $3.00. Yea, that's going to help my sales. They always got their cut, which was fine, because of hosting and such but now they are also charging for extras. Out of a $2.00 sale I get 32cents. For an ebook? 32cents. This ends any plans when it comes to releasing lots of free stuff in 2010. I think I could afford to release one more poetry collection next year and that's it. I don't see were they should be charging $1.49 for hosting and such and also another 19cents? It's a free service I know but for an ebook? The only thing they are doing is credit card and hosting? And I really don't think a big company like LuLu get charged per order by credit card companies and I don't even use their sites, all I need is a download link from them. I just don't like it because it really puts the punch to creators who need every sale they can get. I'm just a little frustrated by this because I didn't see it coming. I didn't get an email saying this was happening. I hope they sent one out??? Did anyone else out there who uses them get an email?

They are also encourging DRM usage which I have never used on any of my stuff. Some might call that stupid but I encourge people to use my stuff as long as they don't make money from it and let me know.

I hope all of this doesn't signal bad things for LuLu in the future. I have enjoyed using them so far.

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