Monday, July 20, 2009


I haven't written a blog entry for quite a while. During most of that stretch I was writing at a nice happy pitch but the last half of not writing a blog entry comes with the words "computer kill" labeled high and painful. About a month ago my backup drive crashed leaving me with years of writing only in one place, the laptop Wave and I share. Take a wild guess about what happen just a few days later. Yep, yes, your right...still stings, LAPTOP CRASH! Still hope maybe alive, it could be, Please don't destroy my hope and take me back to panic state, that I can save the date stored on the hardrive, but right now I have lost about four years worth of writing; which equals: novels, poems, short stories, song lyrics, film scripts, comic scripts, and a buchy bunch of rants and rambles. Not to mention a lifetime of notes and story beginings that I just recently put into the digital form from literally tons of notebooks some of which have traveled from all places United States to Canada to my current breathing area, Florida. Right now I sit here typing this in Google Docs on Wave's laptop having in my hands(key hands) only a couple things I have written. Two things is stored in LuLu's system. Those two being my first book STEREO and my first official poetry collection GODS LEFT IN THE TRASH. The only other thing is the YA book I was writing which was with a editor when the crash happen. So I have not lost everything I've written, that's something but I did have two more poetry collections finished ready for release and the finished first draft of the next Tin Universe book which followed on from STEREO. Now book two in the Tin Universe will be different in case I can recover the book I worked months almost a year on but plans have to be changed for now and moving on needs to happen.

Worst blog entry ever? Maybe, I'm off to give one of the cats eye drops.
Any issues with this entry blame Google docs, we're still not friends yet.

Save some of my sanity and buy something from the links below. If you are a writer, reading my writing will make you think your doing great :)

The begining of my superhero novel series. My take on the superhero theme came from a lifetime love of comics and my late night wonderings of, what if a comic book line started with a huge confusing crossover event? I learned so much from writing this book. Big lesson #1, writing from inspiration is cool but a little planning doesn't hurt and certainly cuts down on rewriting headaches.


You know, bad poetry. I really do not enjoy writing poetry but have ended up doing it a lot in my life so I've started creating these collections to get them off my mind, out of my life, and digging into your brains.


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