Saturday, August 8, 2009


The past few weeks have been an emotional stranglehold on me. From good moments, to heart punching ones, to just pain in the ass ones. I will not go into details because the bad things would be put into a spotlight and those bad moments do not need a spotlight. Today lets throw out some photos from some good moments.

Wave and I saw Green Day in Tampa with LittleLow along for the ride. The highlight was getting to see Tre Cool while he was riding around on one of those mini-bikes. He's my fav. That and a giant spider in the car that freaked more than one of us out was another moment.

If you have ever seen Green Day live then you know what this image is.
Billy singing. When Wave and I first meet she gave me the nickname Billy because she thought I had crazy hair and looked a little like him.
This last image is from after the Tampa Concert. The middle two photos here were from a Orlando concert that Wave, Trill, and LittleLow attended. I stayed home. We didn't have a good enough camera to take to the Tampa concert and even if I did have one I'm not one of the stupid people who take high dollar cameras into the pit.
I'll end this with some books I read recently:
World War Hulk,
Green Lantern: Secret Origin,
Hulk: Red & Green,
Tangent: Superman's Reign Vol.1,
X-Men-The New Age: The Crulest Cut,
The Flash: The Secret Of Barry Allen,
Batman: The Resurrection Of Ras Al Ghul,
Green Lantern: Emerald Twilight/New Dawn,
Green Lantern: Baptism Of Fire,
Green Lantern: Brother's Keeper,
Superman And The Legion Of Super-Heroes,
and Doctor Who: Rooom With A Deja View.
(If any of these sound interesting to you visit your local comic book store or library to see if they have them in stock. The Doctor Who one-shot stands out in my mind for trying something different; which a lot of writers seem to be really afraid to do in mainstream comics.)


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