Wednesday, October 28, 2009

PHONE POETRY...need a better boat I think

As I mentioned yesterday I wrote a small collection of poems on Sunday on the way to Miami on my small older style flip phone. You can download the collection for free here. I love my flip phone, and have no plans (unless a rich relative dies) to buy a iPhone or anything of the such (mostly because I have no hopes of spontanously producing a rich relative to die for my benifit) so I thought it would be an intersting experiment to try and do it on an older model phone. I really don't want to do it again, my thumb is killing me and it gave me a splitting headache.

And if anyone does take the leap and download the free collection you may notice there are two different covers to the collection. One I created which I use for advertisting and the one on the collections LuLu page.

The first one I created using photos taken on the trip and playing around in GIMP2.

The second I used a LuLu image which I thought looked Miami and brochure like which I also thought fit the theme.

I say theme even though the poems aren't really about the trip but just things on my mind during the trip. On the covers front I do the first better but also know the second is easier on the eyes and more of the mainstream.....Mainstream...such a dirty word.

Enough of me being me here, I need to do some dishes.

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