Friday, December 18, 2009


I actually got the chance to read a few things this week and watched a couple of DVDs also. I'll start with some graphic novels and then go into a few DVDs. All of these materials came from the library. Remember to support your local library even if you do not use it at all or not often. Never know, one day you might find yourself in need of a great place like a free public library but if we don't support them they will go away.
Tom Strong: Book 1 was part of Alan Moore's Americas Best Comics line of books. Not my favorite books of the line, that would be Top-Ten, but I still have enjoyed the Tom Strong stories when I've gotten the chance to read them. They remind me very much of reading old Superman stories, though with a high sci-fi bend to them and more modern storytelling strengths.
Fantastic Four Visionaries John Byrne collects the first issues in John Byrne's great run on the first family of comics. My favorite comic run ever was Byrne's run on Uncanny X-Men for those were the books that gave me my love for the art form in the first place. I know these days a lot of people only think things of John Byrne for stuff he has said online and he is not looked at as much for the talent he has always hand in his hands but for him personally. Not the artist and writer but the man. From Next Men to Superman but not in that order historically, I have enjoyed the works of John Byrne. In my eyes his run on Fantastic Four was the best ever on that series and yes I'm going to go as far to say even better than Lee and Kirby.
Uncanny X-Men: Sisterhood was a nice way to end my weeks graphic novel reading in that I was getting to know again what has been happening latly with my all time favorite comic. I have enjoyed a lot of what they have done with the X book line since House Of M. You can say what you will but what they have done is inject much needed life into a line of books that almost drove away, and in some cases did drive away, a lot of long time readers.
Away We Go was one of those simple little films that breathed along at a nice run and at the end it left me saying, "That was pretty cool." And sometimes that is actually what I want from a movie.
Paper Heart was a film I had wanted to see since it was in theatres. It is funny, sad, real, maneuvered, and then sad and funny again.
Waiting For God: Series 2 A little British Tv for background viewing for a night of writing. I really enjoy this series that when I come to think about it looks like me and Wave in the future. One crazy mean bitch and one crazy nutter old fart raging against the world. It is one of the most rebelish television shows ever produced if you ask me.

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