Tuesday, May 8, 2012

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Madden 11, Franchise Season 1
Game 3: Bulldawgs Vs. Jets
   The Jets were leading 24 to 14 going into the 4th Quarter yesterday when we lost power at the apartment. A big storm was rolling in quick and I couldn't finish my game in time so I'll have to replay it this weekend if I find time.
   This was my first game of the pre-season on All-Madden level. If I learned one thing from this power failure canceled game it's that by the end of the pre-season I better get my quarterback situation straight. Tebow will play but maybe just only ten or so snaps a game in wildcat type plays. On All-Madden level he isn't very accurate throwing the ball.

   And from fantasy football to fantasy asshole speak.

   I was asked last night by several people what I thought about Orson Scott Card's latest homophobic comments but I think his uninformed, idiotic, dickweed statements speak for themselves for the most part.
   Though off from this subject I will say something about the topic of authors personal lives/views and their work, and how it effects readers.
   On a personal note I don't have to like a artist to enjoy their work. Examples I'll give you off the top of my head are John Byrne, Robert Kirkman, Alan Moore, and H.P. Lovecraft. There are many more I could recite and many of them I wouldn't even want to talk to or shake their hand but I love the stories they've told.
   I really think one of the things that hits home sometimes and this applies to Orson Scott Card is the fact that he's a contemporary, alive and kicking, during the same time as his readers. Looking at someone like Lovecraft I think to many readers now its almost as if he himself is a fictional character or a product of his times.
   If that makes any sense.

   Probably not.

   Moving on.

Things You Should Check Out:

How long before this story is a Bones episode? I guess me including this in THINGS YOU SHOULD CHECK OUT shows that I'm a little off the mark.

Ok, you probably want something more "nice" to read after that link. Try this link on cool book storage ideas. The only reason I've ever wanted a big house was to make it into one big library

I find a lot of cool stuff online by following others on Facebook and Twitter and their projects. It's one of the main reasons I use stuff like Twitter and Facebook is how it can lead me to cool things. I like the shiny. One such person for finding cool things through is Felicia Day and I found out about Bad Astronomy on her YouTube series The Flog

Another cool thing I found out about while watching The Flog is Fallen London. If you like small old school games you might want to give this a try.

And for the last thing to check out. A friend pointed me towards Twenty Feet. I don't know if I will use it but found it interesting.

Loved this and I love the original song too. Double loads of fun.

Wait, I guess that was the last thing to check out.

Rants and rambles:

Read this by Peter David. I agree with every word. See piracy is stealing. Now you not agreeing that it is stealing or that it hurts people shows one- that you maybe Nuts and two- that you maybe a bucket full of Stupid.

This is a good idea but I have to be honest I still don't fully understand all about Creative Commons stuff. It's something as a digital content person I really need to get a better grasp on.
Privacy Icons Similar To Creative Commons

If President Obama wants to make his legacy he needs to to make it about taking a stand within a sea of mad stupidpity and lies. He needs to come out and stand up for the rights of every American to marry, love, and live a life to prosper and find joy. He needs to make it perfectly clear that homophobia isn't a issue of give and take. It's human rights plain and simple. It's a issue of life and death. I respect the man for having to try and do his job in a time when the people on the other side of the political spectrum will vote against things they created if only to go against him when he supports those very same things. His job isn't easy but its not suppose to be either.

A quote I heard as a child still stuck in my brain from long ago, "The most dangerous thing is a good man who does nothing."

As I go off to write stories of my own I leave you with this from someone who gave inspiration to the stories and dreams of so many. 

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