Monday, May 28, 2012

Where I talk about freedom for some and Handmaid Geeks

   *note to start things. Because of the holiday I'm moving my Madden game update to tomorrow; so today I give you this and I'm off to write a number of reviews.

     I get a  lot of screams from people I know and strangers alike about how America is a country of free men and I should be proud of where I was born, raised, and live and I should just "Shut up" about this and this and that thing I said six years ago but nothing goes away on the internet and that's fine with me.
     One to start, how about free men and WOMEN you sexist dickweeds.
     Two, I am lucky I was born where I was born because there are a lot of shitty places I could have been born into in this world that are a lot worse but that's such a dumptruck dumbshit way of addressing gaining freedom for all.
     Lets discuss the Country Of Free thing. America has always had this great "idea" of freedom for all behind it's core but in fact that idea has never been applied. NEVER. In no time in the history of this country has this country been a country of freedom for all. It has a foundation built on slavery, attempted genocide, and sexism. Every inch gained for freedom, human rights, and the ability to live a life better than what you might find in some other countries has been a battle and not even one of those battles has ever ended.
     We have never moved from the attempted genocide of Native Americans. Hell, we still barely acknowledge or address this rather large part of the story of America.
     Never have we moved from the slavery, we just moved it to to a socioeconomic structure and not one of ownership of another human being. Slavery is a bad PR move but social structure chains those can be explained away as hard businese practices.
     And lets just forget about whats been accomplished with the womens rights movement because as a country, right now, at this very moment of my life, as I type this, there are people working so very hard to take away those rights fought for by women.
     People have said it before and I'll say it here for all you flag wavers who have told me in the past that they would enjoy shoving that flags up my ass. I'll tell you this, America is one the greatest ideas but you have to put a BUT in that and say that no idea is anything without it being applied to full force. I can say I have some of the best ideas as a writer ever, that I'm more creative in thought that just about any writer, but until I apply that to my stories there is nothing there but bullshit. This is cold and this is just the truth but the ideas of America will be bullshit until applied to everyone within its borders.
     Some might think it's in bad taste to post something like this on Memorial Day. I would counter that today is the best time ever to post it. All the men and women who have died in wars defending the ideas of America, all of those brave people who followed orders on thoughts that they were protecting of of us- We dishonor them by not following through in turn with our voting, our civil disobedience, and political actions.

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Short Rants:
     That or call them Handmaid Geeks because they are people who cheer every sentence of The Handmaids Tale. Laurie Penny ‏@PennyRed "'Forced-birthers', btw, is what I'm calling soi-disant 'pro-life' people from now on. Might as well call a spade a fucking shovel. #FEMINISM"
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