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Where I talk about M11,F1 Bulldawgs Pre-Season Game 4 and the 3rd Sat. of Free Comic Book May

         Madden 11, Franchise Season 1

Pre-Season Game 4
 Individual Stats:
T. Tebow/131yds/2td/1int/10comp/16att/
J. Mccown/7yds/2comp/15att/
D. Dodge/35yds/2int/3comp/8att/
T. Tebow/166yds/2td/19att/
M. Bundy/70yds/14att/
R. Cooper/24yds/5att/
J. Mccown/20yds/2att/
M. Bundy/6rec/76yds/1td/
Don't get me started on my defense because in two games on All-Madden Level suck is so beyond the words that are needed to describe my defensive play. I need to create turnovers with my defense plans and that's just not happening at all so far.
     *So that ends the Pre-Season with the Colts winning The All-Players Cup for having the best pre-season record. They were the only team to go undefeated. The Bulldawgs finish with a pre-season record of 2-2.
     *I let the players play on the field decided who will get the starting positions to begin the season so here's my starting lineup- QB: Tebow (though I will have Mccown and Dodge come in from time to time to give him a rest since he has to run so much. Though he did throw the ball ok in that last game against the Cardinals.) RB: Bundy (but he will be sharing the touches with Cooper and Westbrook) FB: Grifith. WR: Urban. TE: Olsen. LT: Hall. LG: Snider. C: Mawae. RG: Goff. RT: Jefferson. LE: Ogunleye. RE: Brock. DT: Henderson. LOLB: Cauidle. MLB: Smith. ROLB: Bulluck. CB: Christman. FS: Carson. SS: Chandler. K: Williams. P: Holt. KR: Westbrook. PR: Westbrook.
Richmond Bulldawgs Regular Season Schedule:

Free Comic Book May, Week Three:
     On Saturday number 3 of my local comic book stores celebration of Free Comic Book May. I went into another week wanting to buy New DC 52 books but again, bitten by the HC bullshit as I like to call it so I picked up?...
     Brain, stop trying to get me to rant about DC hardcovers again. I refuse to be your preforming monkey.
     But fucks sake, I would have bought Green Lantern Vol.1. I can't be the only person this is keeping from picking up a lot of New 52 DC trades? And people tell me they will be coming out in SC in time but will people have the same urge to buy them then? I don't think I will. There will be more books out and maybe not DC books that catch my eye. I just don't see myself in six months or a year when Justice League Vol. 1 comes out in SC having the same desire to pick it up. They missed their chance to grabs comic books fans and new to comics random browsers.
     I ended up buying Y The Last Man Vol.7 and Saga #3. Loved them both. I might drop Saga before the first story arc ends and start buying all the trades as they come out. I really like it but as I've stated before I buy monthlies as a test to see if I will want to buy the trades.
     Y The Last Man as always is such a great story. That's why I use it as the series I buy whenever I go in for one thing and can't find anything else I want to pick up. Y The Last Man never lets me down.

Cool things to check out:
     The ARROW or Green Arrow teaser trailer for the upcoming CW series. I really hope this show is good. I really want it to be but I also really wanted Birds Of Prey and Smallville to be really good. Though to be honest I own the complete series of Birds Of Prey and liked several things about it. It needed a little more fine tuning.
     Watch John Green's fantasy soccer team play two games. I love this series because John always talks about pretty interesting things while playing. What's the Point of Being Alive?: The Miracle of Swindon Town #111 Why I Love Liverpool: The Miracle of Swindon Town #112
     If you likes the learnings check out the Crash Course series.
     Some really cool body art.
     Some more really cool art from Sticky Comics.

Rants and Rambles:
     I would have more empathy for N.F.L. players when it comes to dealing with the league, management, if they had shown any backbone at all and showed support for unions at the Superbowl. They could have done a fist salute or the like the same as they did to start the first game of the season before the strike. And before anyone brings up how much money they made, that has nothing to do with this issue. This is just matter of don't come complaining to me when you have shown how much you really care about unions outside your own.

This is a really good story about a N.F.L. player. A write up by Bears WR Brandon Marshall that addresses how dangerous it is to everyone that males are taught from a young age to run from their emotions.

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