Thursday, May 24, 2012

Where I talk about The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter but mainly in photos because photo heavy blog entries are a pain and I mention Tonks tits

Mar ready to head to Hogwarts, but she wasn't happy to find that there weren't any Head Girl pins in sight. She's going to give her teachers headaches.

The other Wizard stupider than Ron Weasley and Harry Potter would be me.

Mar and her sister walking because the only picture I took of her I was told I'm dead if I post it.

The first question is- Where to first? Fuck it, lets cut classes on the first day. The two nerds I had with me protested but I dragged them with me.

The Entrance To The World
      I just had to play act a little up there commenting on the first few photos because the place creates that sort of fun within you.
     We had planned to go to The Wizarding World Of Harry ever since it opened but keep putting it off because we didn't want to go without any money to spend.
     We decided Wednesday was a good time because we could also celebrate by taking Mar's sister along because she just graduated from high school and college at the same time.

First stop, Butter beer. I downed mine quick. No matter how much you may think its just cream soda, it isn't. IT'S FUCKING BUTTER BEER, GEORGE WASHINGTON.

Ollivander's was pretty cool. This is worth waiting in whatever line there is if you love the books or have kids with you. Or if you HAVE A HEART. It's pretty cool.

Zonko's Joke Shop

Honey Dukes

Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry

Good view from here, though the screaming Mandrake roots are loud. You have to go through here before facing dragons and spiders. WHY DID THERE HAVE TO BE SPIDERS! SPIDERS! shouldn't wizards have wicked high kind of Raid?

Owl Post

Gringotts. You know if you are running low on galleons.

Hagrid's house. Probably needs fire insurance.

Islands Of Adventure had a lot of other stuff to offer after we explored the locales of Mr. Potter.

Seuss Landing was really cool. We ended up eating at Circus Murkburgerkus Cafe. That's what I keep calling it. Good burgers and chicken with little birdies flying around freely.

The Lost Continent was pretty cool. I loved the look of the outside and the show was funny. The effects and atmosphere was a nice change of pace and it was indoors which you need sometimes at a park.

Super Hero Island was cool. I loved all the little Marvel references. I geeked out to this one.  I found it funny that the bathrooms were labelled as Sub Mariner.

Jurassic Park was where we all got wet and our last stop. On a really hot day it was needed.


     This for those who think my blog is always too "harsh" "rash" "stupid" "blasphemous" "rude" While I was typing this I was also masturbating to thoughts of Tonks tits. Go with God and peace. I'm going with thoughts of colored hair.
     Though to be honest the person who said me talking about masturbation in a older post was "blasphemous" I don't really think you know the meaning of that word. Now if I talked about Jesus masturbating, that might could be seen by some as blasphemous. Just doing my part to educate. If you are going to yell nonsense at me, do so with some education.


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