Thursday, May 31, 2012

Where I Talk About The Digital Divide, media, Bill O'Reilly's Sentinel Program, and Porn



     There are two ways media is used to control and attack people. The ownership of the media and the destruction of media.
     The ownership of the media comes in big money companies, censorship, and government attacks on free speech{which is sorta the only true censorship but I'm tired of fighting that battle trying to get people to understand the difference} But with the blend of big companies and government basically being bed partners of the nasty sex kind they are basically one and the same and that's really fucking dangerous.
     One of the most important things about the internet and projects like Amanda Palmer's Kickstarter is the power it gives us to be the media. It's the people having tools to wrestle that ownership from hands covered in the blood, sacrifices, and hard work from a lot of people. That's why big corporations and the government are in constant attack mode when it comes to the net. No matter how anonymous and vase the internet maybe its a hell of a lot more of a personal conduct than any corporate owned media outlet.
     The destruction of the media comes through attempts to windle down or destory the internet. Joy found in the wipping out of newspapers. Technology lovers, and I do this myself do, make jokes about newspapers and them going out of business and the big corporations might hate this hurt on their pocketbooks but those are big fucking pocketbooks and their government connected arms and legs cheer the dying paper industry because still in so much of the word newspapers are the only source of news for a great deal of people. Anyone who says otherwise doesn't know how the world works but companies like costumers and governments like citizens to be as stupid and uninformed as possible.
     I really hate that the digital divide isn't addressed and talked about more. It especially bothers me when I you don't see great websites such as Boing Boing addressing this issue more. I'm not singling out Boing Boing to go after them and if anyone can show me where they have addressed it I would love to read that because I love that site but I expect a lot from them also. They address so many issues from so many angles that aren't talked about anywhere else but this issue isn't addressed much across the board, across the net. I know CNN, MSNBC, FOX NEWS, or any corporate outlet are just going to ignore the issue so it falls to others to take it on.
     It bothers me when well spoken people using technology such as podcasters, web video series creators, independent bloggers, and such make jokes about Libraries Being Useless or Newspapers Being Worthless because they are doing the propaganda work for these big corporations.
     Just taking America, there are so many places in this country without cell towers, without modern computers in schools. Without internet access. The whole bullshit of a computer in every home, every home has a computer or a ipod or a ereader or whatever, that's all marketing and complete bullshit.
     The digital divide is real and its size is growing, not shrinking. The sad news is a lot of talents using technology creativity and doing ground breaking work are way too blind to this. I'm not saying everyone should be outspoken about everything but its a shame how little attention this issue gets from the very people who are building new roads in some areas with technology without also seeing bypasses and highways are nothing if the destroy all the towns they are bypassing.

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Rants and screams:
     I think someone hacked my email and tried to watch porn through my YouTube account? Silly person, you don't go to YouTube for porn. *takes out scissors and cuts up your internet card* Shame, shame. Porn is everywhere else on the internet except for YouTube.
     Another thing that's weird. Looking at the Search Keywords that people used to find my site. If you have a website you really shouldn't look at this. Weird. "Brian Williams hot ass" Really? I really hope you not talking about Brian Williams the propaganda corporate news anchor puppet because that's sick dude. Just....dude.


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