Wednesday, May 9, 2012

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Wonder What I will talk about today?

   People asking about Chaos Read and Tin Universe. Basically what I did was push everything back a month. I've also decided Chaos Read will end with the conclusion of the In The Past story but will probably start back sometime in 2013.
   For those who enjoyed Chaos Read, I'm going to collect Chaos Read: In The Past soon in one ebook volume with some extras like a art cover and maybe a couple interior illustrations. When I do collect the stories it will still be on the You Set The Price! method as was the series. When the collection comes out will depend on finding funds to hire an artist and finding the right artist.
   I also have ideas for two other collection getting all of my stories on a few collections for those who would rather read the stories in that format. When I do the collections I will try to make them something special by including such things as art covers and interior art.
   I'm still doing monthly story releases but by not setting a stone cold dead release date it gives me a chance to try and make the stories as good as I can.
   The following it what I see from this month to the end of 2012.
   May: Chaos Read #5: In The Past part 4.
   June: Quoit.
   July: Tin Universe #11: The Hillbilly Jungle part 4.
   August: Chaos Read #6: In The Past part 5.
   September: Tin Universe #12: Mystery From Bunker Hill part 1.
   October: Tin Universe #13: Mystery From Bunker Hill part 2.
   November: NANOWRIMO {no story  release as I will be working on writing a NANO book}
   December: Tin Universe #14: Mystery From Bunker Hill part 3. {More than likely I will also probably be re-releasing a few older poetry collections in Dec.}

   While I'm here I'll also write out a blogging schedule. I wouldn't do this but people have asked me about it and also told me I should do it. {though how much I keep to this is all up to life and what I feel like writing about.}
   Monday: Video game updates. I talk about my latest wins and loses and screams and throwing of controllers while playing video games. For the most part I only play sports games.
   Tuesday: I'll talk about podcasts, webshows, and webcomics that I like. I hope in the future to turn Tuesday into my own vlog day but that will happen whenever I get up the courage to do it.
   Wednesday: I'll highlight a projects of mine from the past or present or something coming up. Total and complete self-promotion.
   Thursday: Music Video playlist. I'll post YouTube music videos and maybe talk about what the songs mean to me.
   *also every blog will include cool things I've come across online and my rants.

Check Out These Cool Things:

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Rants and Rambles. Or rambles and rants:

Yes lets further fuel the fires of violence ready to explode across this country. But hey it's just talk. No one in America politicians....... And by the way Steelman, threats aren't protected as free speech. Shut the fuck up there.
@thinkprogress: Tea Party activist on Sen. Claire McCaskill: "We have to kill the Claire Bear."

Give them time, they will get back to the good old days soon. These jerkoffs are just getting started.
@thinkprogress: FACT: Last time North Carolina amended their constitution on marriage it was to ban interracial marriage

I'm surprised security stopped the guy when they decided it was a domestic issue. Because those are private aren't they, should be keep in house, within a family.
@CNN: Gun parts found in boy's stuffed animals at Rhode Island airport.


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