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Where I talk about stories growing or splitting into a different story? and the stories that change and how it can be a good thing.


   I've said for a long time that I think it's bullshit that painters, artists, singers, song writers, dancers, and most other talents in the arts can have works in progress, works that change but a writer of prose has to have one story finished complete for a forever watch when its sent out into the word.
   Musicians can play songs that are barley finished in concerts when the song will not go out in mass for years. They can change songs at will and nothing is said but George Lucas makes changes in his film or a comic creator makes changes and people scream like they own the story.
   No Star Wars films and comics aren't prose but I gave those as examples to show how one art form is allowed to grow a story while when another does the same its seen a roasting a baby on stick.
   For the most part prose stories aren't allowed growth, change, and without growth they are also maybe missing out on a chance of finding great discovers that can come from change, from being allowed to grow.
   I've gotten into some good discussions with friends in publishing over my view that the biggest thing digital publishing offers for writers beyond controlling your work, and this is part of controlling your work, is also letting the work evolve. I say stop playing creationist storytelling, let that story walk onto land if it can.
   In the case of Nova Ren Suma's Dani Noir, which I loved, my review, being moved from a Middle Grade book to a YA book with changes within and a change of name and title, I find it is a very interesting thing and would like to see how Fade Out differs from Dani Noir.
   My only big issue with this might be that now a lot of younger readers may not get a chance to read Dani Noir as I did. It's such a great book I hope they keep both versions in print. I'm hoping success for both versions.
   Throw in note: if you not reading books by Nova Ren Suma you are missing out on stories by one of the best writers writing today.
   This isn't the first time this happened in big time publishing. It actually happens a lot more than people think. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes its just a move from Adult to YA without any changes except maybe a different cover. Sometimes its a move from one genre to the next.
   Now comparing this instance with Dani Noir/Fade Out to what I'm talking about when it comes to the Evolving Story isn't apt. I'll admit that right now but I just wanted to use it to show changes in story aren't really unusual in prose, it just seen that way, and it gives me a chance to bridge into that subject I've wanted to discuss for a while here in greater depth.
   People tell me releasing a work before its "pefect" is a big mistake. But why? First is a story ever truly perfect? No bodies stories out there walk on water. Though Neil Gaiman's lips are dreamy......anyway, What one editor considers ready to release another looks at as being in need of a lot of work.
   People tell me self publishing is a terrible thing because most of the time, unless you have the money to hire a professional editor, it's a work that goes out that isn't ready for publication.
   I read a lot, my friends read a lot more, Mar reads as much as anyone I've ever meet and anyone who reads a lot will tell you there are tons of books published through "big publishers" which could use a couple more edit passes. Need another set of eyes or have their editor "fired" That was actually said to me by a editor who works for a big company.
   But not everyone has the money to hire an editor, or has friends and loved ones who will read over their stories, or even has access to find things like writing groups. I've tried working with several writing groups but they more often than not writers groups confused with being a book reading slash book shitting on group. Now stand out and don't be confused by your group identity, I'll love you either way, but the point is everyone doesn't have access to support systems like everyone else. Nor should the "normal" support and learning systems be the only ones recognized.
   One of the reasons I like the idea of the evolving sushi story is how it puts your neck out there. It throws you into the pool to learn to swim.  It creates a very thick skin. It teaches. And it allows for change. You know change, that thing humanity has enslaved, killed, and destroyed to try to hold back?
   Change and control should be in the hands of the writer. I hate some of the changes George Lucas has made to Star Wars but they are his stories. His right to control them. I hate DRM on efiles but its up to the artist to decide if they want to use it, not you. I think as long as the changes are made by the creator or approved by them then its a good thing.
   I have friends in big time publishing. People who are writers, editors, in marketing, and work at the printers. I have no problem with anyone going the route of traditional publishing to make their mark but the one of the things you do lose is how much control you have over change. I wont be like some self publishers who say its a price to be paid. Lets not get over dramatic, its a choice. Oh, and lets make this clear every self publisher would "sell out" in second if the offer was put on the table.
   What people like Amanda Palmer are doing should be applauded because its not only creating a direct line from the fan to the creator but its putting the changes and control further in the choice of the creator if that want they want.
   What podcasters, webcomic makers, webseries creators, webfilm makers, ebook writers, are doing should be applauded because they are not only producing some really good works of art, they are fighting for our rights by the mere attempt to change the system.
   Within this mess of writing I guess what I need to say is what I want more than anything else for creators is a right to change.
   Dani Noir becoming Fade Out isn't a bad thing. I don't know what changes will be made to translate it to a YA book besides the cover and title change. I loved Dani Noir. I think Nova Ren Suma is one of the best writers today. My only wish was that these changes were totally in the writers hands and that all writers "published" and "self-published" were allowed to change their work, to evolve their work if that's the road they want to walk.
   There was a time that every book was truly unique because they were hand written. The original sushi books. And there is nothing wrong with experimenting with a story until it finds it footing and finds its audience. And taking a reader along for that journey could be a very cool thing. It's not for everyone, I get that. Not for every reader and not for every writer but the changes should be choice and not ripped like you are throwing fire into church. I'm just throwing my story into the wild.
   I'm just looking for a better model for the writer and believe that sometimes a little raw or not quite ready doesn't hurt whether its in your food choices or publishing choices.

After long winded mess.

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