Monday, May 14, 2012

Where I talk about the Bulldawgs, Free Comic Book May, comic book hardcovers, and there's a mention of Church Go Away Signs

*going to start throwing in a random photo from my phone in with each entry. Mar made frozen blueberry greek yogurt poppers. They look and taste like eyeballs. But then again I hate yogurt.

Madden 11, Franchise Season 1
Pre-Season Game 3 {Replay after power outage ended last attempt at playing this pre-season match up}

Bulldawgs-23 Vs. Jets-55

Individual Game Stats:
D. Dodge/64yds/7comp/10att/
J. Mccown/179yds/1td/11comp/28att/ {next week I'm giving Mccown a lot of snaps. Right now I'm leaning towards him to be the starter with Tebow in wildcats packages.}
T. Tebow/51yds/3comp/17att/
T. Tebow/79yds/1td/10att/
M. Bundy/56yds/12att/
B. Westbrock/41yds/12att/ {Looks like Westbrock and Cooper will be sharing the running back duties; which is fine because I like to run a lot and usually use a two or three RB offense.}
R. Cooper/30yds/5att/
J. Mccown/29yds/1td/4att/
G. Olsen/7rec/73yds/ {The rest of the rec's were mainly passes to HB and FB and long wing and a prayer completions. T. Owen looked really bad in this game, dropping a lot of passes. I traded him to the Panthers for a 3rd round pick. I'll go with the remaining receivers I have. He wasn't doing anything for the team.}
   *I'm not listing defensive player stats because they don't deserve the lights that would shine on them with the millions of people who visit my blog. Though it doesn't help when I have a offensive that does nothing much, but my D is bad. Bad bad bad.
   Damn that storm that knocked out our power and my game last week because I got my ass kicked yesterday when in that game I played before I played much better on offense and defense.
   Next week you will find out how I did going up against the 0-3 Cardinals as the pre-season ends and what will probably be a long regular season fast approaches for the Richmond Bulldawgs.

Free Comic Book May
   My local comic book shop, Famous Faces And Funnies, celebrates not only Free Comic Book Day but a full month long celebration every Saturday in May. And that's not counting their game nights, quiz nights, and other great events they are always having and not just one day out of the year.
   Saturday I went in planning to pick up the first Batman New 52 trade but it was in hardcover. HARDCOVER! Anyone who knows me knows the only thing I mindlessly ramble on about more when it comes to books, besides photos covers is HARDCOVER books.
   Ok, here's my issue when it comes to hardcover cover and comics. I've already ranted about this on my Facebook and Twitter but I'll rant more here.
   I hate hardcovers higher price so that right away ends up making it bad for me who is on a budget, tight budget for what comics I can buy every month. We spend more in May than normal at the comic shop but we like to give them a extra little boost this time of year.
   But another thing is DC lost sales from me because both New 52 Batman and Justice League came out first in hardcover. Why when trying to pull in new readers with a reboot do you release two big books first in HC? Just not a fan of books coming out first in hardcover. Big fans will buy but with me and casual shoppers, that $24 goes elsewhere.
   I've had several people tell me it's worth the price of a hardcover and I'm not saying I don't think it is, I'm saying why not take advantage of the new start situation in a broader marketing standpoint. 
   But DC being marketing buttheads aside I picked up Excalibur The Sword Is Drawn and a trade gift for someone else. Need to get the rest of the Claremont/Davis run on Excalibur. That was my favorite X-Men book for a long time. They had a lot of good trades on sale Saturday. $5 trades. 60% off. Good stuff. And if DC releases more books in hardcover first maybe I'll pick up more Excalibur or something else I've been meaning to get.
   So far of the DC New 52 trades I've only picked up Animal Man {not in hardcover} but I was already to buy Justice League and Batman also. Hell I was going to buy Justice League International but I was pissed seeing Batman was in HC.
   Geek nerd rant mic dropped.

Check out these links, cool stuff:
   One of my favorite podcasts is Geektress. Their latest podcast is here. Also you should check out their store. I own one of their monkey shirts. Their having a sale so support them by buying something if you enjoy anything on their site. Hell, if you hate the site buy something.

   What more could life offer than two hot people crocheting. Felicia Day and Colin Ferguson Crochet Together!

   GEEK ON NERD ACTION - Felicia Day and Geek & Sundry - All Star Bowling

   Since I pissed off a friend in a big time ranty sort of way on text messaging yesterday when I said Hellboy is a better comic book movie than Batman Begins, and I'm right on that subject, speaking of Hellboy check out the first part of a motion comic here. They should have animated a earlier Hellboy story though, this one takes forever to do anything in part one and then not much. But it's worth checking out and seeing if it gets better.

Rants and such:
   On the way to the grocery store over the weekend we saw a church sign that read WOMEN WHO FEAR GOD SHOULD BE PRAISED. Did you hear my scream of rage around Saturday?
   It's continues to amaze that on one hand almost every major religion talks about how numbers are dwindling and young people are turning away from the major faith mythologies but they are over and over again pushing people away with their sexism, homophobia, and bigotry.

  Romney really finds people to surround himself with that really shine a light on just who he really is.
  Romney Spokesman Outed Transgender Women Leading to Her Losing her job

   Ok, Chrome you deleted a folder of bookmarks I laid out for ref for a blog entry on Thursday. Why? Just being a dick are you? You know what's worse than you being a dick Chrome. Do you really want to know? I'm going to have to ask Mar again to help me find those links. She'll be pissed. She's have a lot of patience for dealing with idiots. BUT NOT THIS IDIOTS! I'm a special kind of idiot. You leave me to face that fury while you look at me all "You can always go back to Explorer" No I can't. No I can't Chrome and you know this. You know this and you still do something like what you have done.

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