Sunday, September 16, 2012

Malls, Manatees, And Chilly Spoons

We stopped first today at the Merritt Island Mall since we hadn't been over there in a long time. Most everything was closed but this was hanging on the windows of Spencer's. I saw it and thought of CareyTwoMonkeys and her husband. I need to come up with nicknames for them since that's what I do for blog entries.

From the mall we went to Lori Wilson Park to do some Geocaching and check out the beach there.

It has a really nice park and picnic area. This is the walkway to the beach. I love the natural archway.

I think this is the first beach I have ever been to in Florida that had a lifeguard.

If you ever spot someone on the beach wearing boots its probably me.

Then we checked out Banana River Park for another bit of Geocaching. It's sandwiched in a very rich snob area but has a really nice soccer park and kayak launch area.

This is the kayak launch area.

Then we spotted Ulaway(sp) Park Wildlife Sanctuary on the way back. We stopped there to eat our packed lunches. There was a bunch of people there net fishing. They gave us weird looks so I think they have the place to themselves most of the time.

We stopped at a Goodwill in Rockledge because I was looking for a used World Atlas to make sure I keep Tin Universe stuff straight. Don't wont to say something in one story and contradict it in another. That's lazy universe building. I would be Meyering it. Don't want that. Mar found her a bow and was channeling Katniss for a bit. My camera hand got all shaky.

After the Goodwill were I found something that might work but might not we stopped at Riverwalk Park. The community center was closed but its worth a visit anytime. A really nice trail to a fishing spot. Several people were there taking pictures.

See even pretty with my crappy phone camera.

Our last stop today was Wal Mart for a gas card. I spotted these superhero Wal Mart pizzas. Funny that Thor's is Ultimate Meat. You make you own joke there.


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