Thursday, September 6, 2012

Check Out This Gallery

     A friend has opened a Instacanvas Gallery. Check it out and if you find something you like buy it. She will be adding images as time goes so check in often. She's one of my favorite photographers and I've had one of her photos hanging on my wall for years. The authors photo I use on my blogger and in most of my writing releases is also by her. And we have talked about her taking some photos for the covers for some of my future releases. I love her work and hope to work with her soon on a project.
     I love her period because she is like family to me but her talent goes beyond that.
     See what she had to say about her gallery below.

      "My Instacanvas Gallery is now Open, so my Photography is now available for purchase! You can buy my images on Canvas, as Framed Art, on Prism Glass, or on Greeting Cards...I will be adding new art every day, so please keep checking out my Gallery for something that might catch your eye. Your support is very much appreciated :)
     This won't be the typical introduction, I'm sure, but I would prefer that you learn about me through my art...through my eyes."

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