Tuesday, September 11, 2012

On This Date We Should Also Remember Before

     After the September 11th terrorist attacks the Twin Towers were removed from books, video games, movies in some of the single most unAmerican acts of censorship I've ever seen and ever since people have been hesitant to mention or show the Towers in fiction and art without a references or sub-textual nods to the attacks.
     I believed at the time it was stupid what they did when it came to the Towers being shown and mentioned and the course since I also believe isn't very creative and lacking in courage. Something artists and those in the arts owed those who died on that day and still should keep in mind today it nothing is defined by one moment in history.
     Remembering tragic events can be therapeutic but I think what many did right after 9/11 was help those terrorist accomplish their goals. We basically white washed the Towers from culture and only a few years later started showing them but then when its only to do with the attacks in a A Reel roll of terror terror terror.
     And we have continued to help sale the terror in political maneuvering and in the arts. And I'm talking about the arts here, politics to the side.
     And I believe there should be stories told about that day from all angles but that can't be the only focus point. Those Towers and those people who died contain stories about human creative vision, human courage, and human reach before the Twin Towers started to smoke.


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