Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Those Damn Book Bloggers Always Walking On My Lawn


     Have you seen this? Yea, this dip shit is in charge of a major award. No wonder most award lists suck. Stuff like this is why when people tell me "Self-publishing and book blogs are destroying publishing" I say let it crack. Let it crack, let it crumble, let it all fall down so it can be rebuilt for modern times with modern minds.
     Oh, and lets not even get into why some called literary critics write some of the things they write. Grease. Palm. HATE IT! BEST THING EVER! It's a old con game and they don't like that people are changing the rules on them.
     Also I think this guy doesn't understand. People read tons of book blogs to find books they like, not to read about books someone thinks they are failing society if they don't read or books so called literary critics hate.
     And as a friend just said to me, "His opinion is also fairly offensive because basically he's saying that people online aren't as smart as he is."
     Maybe he has never been online to an actual book blog because he acts like book bloggers don't dig deep into books. Really? Now that I think about it maybe he hasn't visited any BOOK BLOGS: The New Evil.
     And people once you use phrasing about missing "old fashion" this or that you are basically saying, "But in my day." I'm not going to dive into this much more. Read the article, he digs himself into holes with just about everything he says.


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