Monday, September 10, 2012

To Jupiter For A Lighthouse And Some Blowing Rocks

This entry will be mainly just photos. And I'm not going to put a million on here but if you follow me on Facebook, and my Facebook is public, you might see more as the week goes on as I look through all 380 that I took on Sunday and pick out some I like.

If you have any questions let me know. I would recommend anyone visiting both the Jupiter Lighthouse and the Blowing Rock Reserve.

Though I had a sad because the Burt Reynolds Museum was closed down to relocate

The lighthouse, museum, gift shop, and lighthouse grounds were very cool. They are right next to a very nice park also and share space with Navy grounds some of which are off limits so watch where you wonder.
The lighthouse was really cool looking from this angle because of its surroundings.
On the bottom of the lighthouse grounds is a beautiful tree growth. Also a area where you can rent it for weddings. I look like a vacationing hobo in this picture. I bet my friend Tankgirl would get some beautiful pictures around there.
Mar ready to go up. She has no fear of heights. I'm not scared but when you are as fat as me you know you will fall faster than others. Something about that bothers me in a truly illogical way.
Of all of the pictures when we got up top I liked this one the most. I'm strange that way.
Look Mar finds a library everywhere.
Eating our packed lunch on the shore area outside of the lighthouse  museum .
The Hawley Education Center is across the road from the Blowing Rocks Preserve and only about 15 minutes from the lighthouse.
It costs $2 dollars to get into the preserve. Well worth it. Some rich old fuckers threw a fit about the $2 charge. It's not much for what you get to enjoy and the money goes back to the preserve. Remember whenever you visit a park or preserve any charge for entry or gift shop items goes back to keeping things up.
The walkway down to the preserve.
I wish I had a better camera. If you read this Tankgirl you really have to go here. You will get some really nice pictures.
I don't know if it was just hot out or the fact of the rocks and shell beach sand but it was really hot. Nice views though as you can see from this.
She claims in the name of Dewey.
Told you it was hot.


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