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Additional Inks On #6 SCOTT HANNA

I was really happy to find this trade at one of my local libraries. Our library system has a growing collection of graphic novels highly due to the influence of my favorite librarian. It also has to do with my local comic book store donating a number of books to different libraries. One of the many reasons I only buy comics from them.

And totally random and off topic Mar just told me someone donated a marshmallow shooter to book bucks reading challenge as a prize. I just thought that was cool.

Now back to the Flash review.

I wasn’t always the biggest Flash fan but I loved the Flash under the writing hands of Mark Waid and Geoff Johns. I loved the Flash in the DC Animated Universe and thought Warner should have cast Ryan Reynolds in a Flash movie instead of Green Lantern, even though Green Lantern is my favorite DC character. Just thought Flash would give a movie so much energy and feed into the American “Need for speed” fast cars and rush of life state of nature.

Though my perfect choice for Flash would be Neil Patrick Harris as Wall West.

I will say that I have never been the biggest fan of Barry Allen as Flash. I grew up reading Wally West as the Flash and to me, he is the best Flash so I didn't know what to think going into reading Flash: Rebirth, I just knew that I went in thinking I wouldn't like Green Lantern: Rebirth{don’t like Hal} but ended up liking it very much so I went in with a open mind.

Another reason I wasn’t sure I would like this is how Barry Allen had one of the most heroic and iconic deaths in the history of superhero comic books. A little part of me asked why bring him back when you already had so many good Flash family characters, his death was one handled in a great way? Why bring him back?

A question I’m asking now as I read that the DC relaunch/reboot of Flash has Barry Allen only as the Flash. But one thing is sure, if the new Flash series is as good as Flash: Rebirth I might have to pick up the first trade of the series when it comes out.

But speaking of the Flash relaunch. I can understand how with these relaunch books one of the things they want to do is attack the confusion that can come with a lot of shared universe stories. My gf asked if she could read Flash: Rebirth having previously not read much Flash at all. I think this story is fine for new readers. It’s an origin story and new story all in one. It introduces new readers and old readers alike to the characters, settings, and nature of The Flash. So why does this book need a relaunch because Flash: Rebirth basically takes care of those issues that new readers might have right here.

But all of that aside lets talk about Flash: Rebirth alone.

The artwork of Ethan Van Sciver is quickly, with each time I see his art, making me a fast fan. He looks to be able to handle just about anything asked of him to tell a great story.

I liked the Hal/Barry interaction and  the scenes of people preparing to celebrate Barry’s return by other heroes and normal people early in the story. This goes into as I spoke of earlier the nature of Flash which is family, community, duty, responsibility, and Johns handles that very well and in such a great fashion as he tells the reader, this is the Flash, this is what the Flash is about, without losing the story he is telling.

Like I said it’s a origin and original story all in one. This is what the movies should do with very well known superhero properties such as Superman, Batman, Spiderman, The Hulk. People know their origins. Do an origin/new story movie. Want to learn how to do that. Look right here in this book.

4 out of 5 Stars


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