Sunday, December 28, 2014


As always I have lots of writing plans for the new year, more than likely too many plans, but I say what the Hell?
That's a question.
What the Hell?
I'm old now, I no longer care about my weaknesses or insane nature touches. I'm committed to get better every day and I've embraced my obsession with ideas and to see that I don't want to create beautiful things as a fact is good thing for me. Structure, form, and straight lines have never been in my soul but I've fought that to do what I was told was the right ways to tell a story. Now I'm driving a course that embraces what I feel natural.

Now that the writer boring boring boring is out of the way...

First up are Tin Universe plans:
-Tin Universe Monthly? returns to being Tin Universe Monthly but with a new style of content. I'm going to try a Tin Universe Daily series which will be made up of posts to the Tin Universe site of text conversations, emails, and brief conversations between characters. At the end of each month these website posts will be collected into the Tin Universe Monthly release for that month. I'm really excited about doing this because it's different and will force me to go onto the computer after work on a daily basis and thus get other writing done while there.
-Tin Universe Daily {see above}
-Tin Universe Middle Grade Series #3 will be released on Christmas day. I'm really juiced up for this book and finished the zero draft today. I think people will really like it. The response to #2 has been good in the few days since its release.

The Collected plans:
-The Collected becomes a monthly flash fiction serial series starting in January because of the good response its gotten. And in November you will get a full month of The Collected as a bonus. I also came up with a idea a few days ago that will start with The Collected #11. Because I need each project to have many unique things about it to keep my interest going. One of the things I've decided to do with The Collected to keep it unique is to reprint all past installments as I add a new one, thus you get everything as you download the newest issue. What I want this to do is slowly build into this huge one big book over time. Now if you have read all the past Collected stories or wish to skip them you can just search for the latest stories title such as NOTICE DIDN’T DO IT. This is something you could only do with ebooks and a free series since I’m not worried about people buying past issues; so if you want to jump on and read you can at any point in the series {starting with #11} and get caught up. Plus it seemed perfect for a series called The Collected.

The God Mark plans:
-The God Mark returns with The God Mark #23 in October with every other day flash fiction releases all month long.

12 Days Of Non-Christmas Stories:
-It seems people liked this quite a bit so I'm going to do it again next year. As with this year I will do one issue of 11 different series free to download each day leading up to the next Tin Universe Middle Grade Series book. Also the issue with the most downloads by December 27th will get a month of flash fiction releases in February of the next year. This year the most downloads went to The Darkness Bite #2.

The Darkness Bite plans:
-{see above}

NaNoWriMo plans:
-Yes, with all above I'm still going to try NaNoWriMo again. It's a lot of fun.


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