Thursday, June 2, 2016

Fuck me like a beats beast.

I was suppose to have surgery on Monday that was pretty big, and scary for details I wont go into. They were going to do two things. I was quoted a price and went to the doctor today for them to x-ray my head again, and had them tell me it was going to be three times the quoted price. Have to say I was told I needed to have all of this done at once. After I told them I didn't have the money even with insurance to have these both done at the same time I got "Oh, it's not important to have both done now." Well, fuck-a-doodle-do, look how money changes everything; so now I will have one thing done on Monday which will keep me out for a week and then the other at the start of the year when my insurance reboots. Shows how even having insurance doesn't mean you can address health issues hanging over your head. Oh, and I love this exchange. Me"I can't afford that all at once." Medical Person"But with insurance it went down to $25,000." Me"Hey, look, that's three months of paychecks for me. It doesn't matter how much it went down." Medical Person"Then you will just have to wait." Me"Story of my life, stay in pain, because hey, that's just how the world works."

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