Saturday, August 13, 2016


Since people seem to be liking the different themes individually but not all at once, if that makes sense, within the podcast I decided to separate them into five different shows under the hangofwednesday/Tin Pod umbrella.

There is TIN POD,
Will go with the original idea of Tin Pod. Talk about current Tin Universe projects as well as interviews with other independent artists and publisher, and discussions on self-publishing topics.
I talk with Tin Pod's in house... in apartment librarian about all sorts of subjects connected to libraries and my favorite librarian.

A solo podcast and hopefully in the future with guests as I live podcast watching each and every episode of Doctor Who from the very beginning.

Another solo podcast that I hope will have guests in the future of me podcasting as I reread in timeline order all of the Classic Valiant comics.

It probably will never come out on Sundays or even be recorded on Sunday but join me and many friends as we watch movies, play games, and run our mouths.

Hoping I didn't screw up anything by changing logos and titles but I will release at least one podcast a month and most of the times more but you can keep me to at least one. You will find all under Tin Pod/hangofwednesday on most podcasting services.


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