Friday, September 5, 2008


This write up is by Amy Goodman, the host of “Democracy Now!,” about what happen to her and her fellow journalists at the R.N.C. The protection of journalists is so high in need that I can not even describe what it truly is, how important it is. Over the past 10 to 15 years there have been more and more attacks against journalists in this country and others to the point were I wonder if some of the people reporting news wear earplugs 24/7. How can anyone in the news industry stand and watch their fellow journalists be treated like this, be killed in some cases. The American news networks are full of greedy cowards who would never step out from the shadows of their corporate bosses to be a true "journalist". I had a friend studying journalism and I told her half joking,"true journalism doesn't exist. It's either  independent reaching a small group, tabloid, or you should just go write for the local paper about Mrs. Dali's duck which is missing." She is not even that political but she saw what I was saying. To save journalism, to save freedom, we need to protect journalists. Without journalist there for us we will not be able to see, hear, or feel the heart beat of a nation going astray. Without journalists reporting the world around us it could crumble and we will not know until they do a report on End Of The World Fashion Do's And Don'ts.

I know, I'm a ranty raving liberal. Though my political views float more libertarian(sp) Hey, while you are there calling me names please list feminist, human, hillbilly, friend, son, lover, and seeking of all things Doctor Who :)

I just love some of the emails I get when this blog has such a small visitor number on a weekly basis.

Oh, and if you attack me by saying my writing sucks and my book was terrible, you should have at least bought it because I have only sold two copies and I know who both of those people are and I have only given away two and know who both of those people are online so, no, show a brain cell or two, ok. Thanks.

Here's another link to drive you made about what happen with the arrests at the R.N.C.

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Marlena said...

As much as what happened at the RNC pisses me off I was annoyed by Amy Goodman's little write up. She seemed really excited that the police did this. Seriously. I came away with the impression that relished every second of it because she knew she could write about it. Just an opinion.