Saturday, November 17, 2012

11/17/2012 Finished The Finish Line But Not Done

     I didn’t write this up last night because I was busy spending a good day and night with the lady I love taking her car in for a recall repair, having breakfast{we don’t eat out that often now}, going to my local comic shop- Famous Faces And Funnies{had several Doctor Who and Saga books in my folder}, visited the Goodwill{found brand new Harry Potter books for the library and a Gimp manual for me}, eating Chinese food, and watching Amazing Spider-Man.
     By the way if you local check out that link to my lcs, they are having a Mini Free Comic Book Day today.
     But late Thursday I did hit the 50,000 word mark on my NaNoWriMo book. I crossed the NaNo finish line but I’m way off from finishing my zero draft. This is the earliest I’ve ever finished NaNo and that’s good because my personal goal this year has been to hit 100,000 words. I probably won’t reach it but it’s a goal worth fighting towards; which is the point of NaNoWriMo I think, it’s about going for something. The going is the thing so to speak.
     But I do want to finish my zero draft in November because in December I’m going to be releasing several year end things.
     I have to re-release three Tin Universe stories because it seems the first time I released them on Smashwords the files were all crazy pants. The good news is all three will have new cover art for each; so that’s a cool thing. I was never much happy with the covers I made for those projects the first time I released them. Everyone knows I’m not a cover photo fan to start with so replacing them with artwork is always a plus to me.

Tin Universe 3: Landmarked To Death 2.0 Backup story KNIGHT BOOK

Tin Universe 4: Dhaka 2.0

Tin Universe 5: School For The Blind 2.0

     I’ll also be releasing two writing collections.

Sushi Writing With Crowd Editing 2012
{A collection of all of my one-shot short stories and vignettes from the year. There’s even a pilot TV script in there.}

Under The Training Book 2012
You Pick The Price!
{A collection of writing from my Blogger, Live Journal, and Twitter accounts}

     I’ve also made a decision while working on my NaNo this month about next year’s releases.
I have several things planned but the monthly releases will stop for now. I had hoped to be able to work on them properly because I had other people lined up to write stories here and there giving everyone plenty of time to work on their individual stories.
     For many different reasons it didn't work out working with other people and I think I need to focus on full size book releases; so starting in January I will start work on Tin Universe #12: Mystery From Bunker Hill and in around six months I hope to present the best thing I've ever written. I will work on my ass off to try and get it there.
     I have other things I want to release next year but Mystery From Bunker Hill will be my main focus. One of the reasons I was releasing so many projects in the past two years was a fear of dying without people getting the chance to see a view of how I see the word, without my stories getting out into the world.
     My health really hasn't improved but I've changed my view a little on getting my writing out into the world. Though I still don’t mind my stuff going out into the world less than prefect so to speak, a little sushi doesn't hurt anyone, what has happen is I've grown to really like the characters I've been writing and I want them to shine as bright as I can shine them with what talent I have.
     And a F.Y.I. reminding to end this. I will be updating Under The Training book every Friday with my thoughts on publishing and book topics and issues, updates on project releases, and photo blogs because this is where everyone expects me to post them, tried doing a separate photo blog blogger but it didn't work.
     F.Y.I. Reminder 2, every Saturday, if you are into political ranting, check out my Live Journal. I’ll be posting a update there tonight.


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