Friday, November 9, 2012

NaNoWriMo 11/9/2012 Update

     Not going to reach my goal for today tonight because my stomach is hurting way too much for leaning over a laptop anymore than I've already done today. Was also planning to write a publishing related blog entry tonight but don't really have it in me right now, but that will be the plan from now on for Fridays to be blog entries on writing, publishing, or related topics.
     I'll also continue to put my photoblog entries here just because that's where everyone is use to coming to find them, post news releases on projects, and reviews when I find the time to do them{which isn't often.} And if politics are something you like discussing, check out my Saturday political writing on my Live Journal. Link found on the right by scrolling down a little.
     To update things on how my NaNoWriMo is going. This has been the most enjoyable year I've ever had taking part in my November Holiday. My second favorite holiday overall just below Halloween.
     This year I've averaged Per Day 4,262 words. That's the best I've ever done and I'm going to end up hitting 50,000 way ahead of any point I've hit it in the past. I've always finished a little early but never this early. I went in this year wanting to hit 100,000, you know because all the cool kids have to hit at least 100,000 for all of their books or its not really a book, and that's realistically possible now and I was being a bit sarcastic there too.
     Today I've written 3,350 and me being disappointed in that number shows how well I've been charging ahead so far this month on this story and how much fun I've had torturing these characters.
     My total Words Written is 38,361. Good but I would have really liked to have hit 40,000 tonight but I'm writing this laying in the floor and that's fine for a quick blog entry, not so good for writing a book.
     I have Remaining 11,639 words. Still seems like so much but that's a tired mind saying that.
     Target NaNoWriMo Word Count 50,000 but as I said my Personal Word Count Target is 100,000 words. I think my sanity can hold out but there might not be anyone alive by the end of the month. That is any characters still living.
Now to bed to watch some TV with the lady I love.


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