Thursday, February 14, 2013

After Hitting 70,000 Words Progress Update On Zero Draft 3rd Book

     Work on the Zero Draft of my next book is still going full steam ahead but then again that's one of the joys of a Zero Draft. It's sort of like finally puking after being sick for days.... Sort of like taking a big shit or piss after having to wait a lot time... ok, those aren't apt, it's more like someone just telling you and you finally believing and seeing its about the writing and just do it.
     Though without the Nike tie in line at the end.
     I thought I would update on the progress of the Zero Draft because the other night I hit 70,000 words and it was a good point to think on because it also marked finishing this draft of the first part of the collection: 1 Novella, 3 Vignettes, and 3 short stories down.
     Have 3 more Novellas, 8 more Vignettes, and 9 more short stories to go by the end of May which is my personal deadline for finishing the Zero Draft of the collection.
     Then the rest of 2013 will be working on more drafts and hopefully it all will be ready for the first look from a editor at the beginning of 2014. 2014 will be revisions and promotion with the plan being the book should be ready for a December 2014 release.
     One of the promotional items I'm planning will be the 11 Vignette I'm writing now as well, one each will be released for free each month in 2014 leading up to the release of the full collection. I'm still thinking if I should include those free 11 Vignettes in the collection or not. If you have a opinion let me know.
    Well back to the writing, if you are out there doing your own art thing, hope its going like gangbusters,


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