Friday, February 1, 2013

After Jan Progress Update On Zero Draft 3rd Book

     January turned out to be the most enjoyable and thus the most productive month of writing I've ever had. On January 1st I typed the first word of the Zero Draft of what will be my third book and just raced from there. The month saw me having the flu, Mar getting sick, and other bumps in the road that impacted my writing output but I still hit my goals for the month, early even.
     My goals for the month was 50,000 words and not to hold myself back. I accomplished both of those things. My total for the month closed at 58,382 words and it was the nearest I've gotten so far to capturing what's in my head and translating that to the page.
     Now onto February with goals of reaching 100,000 words and to keep up the mindset and freedom I found in the words in January.
     Before I go I also wanted to say for those who have enjoyed my writing on here and my Live Journal when I update more regularly I will try to update from time to time but to get more focus and energy towards writing the book I had to cut back on a lot of my internet rambling and rants but I still throw things out in mindless fashion on my Facebook and Twitter if you want to check those out.
     Well, I know this is a short update but back to writing to start this month off on the right foot also, plus I need to vacuum, dishes, and clean cat boxes today because that's also a writers life. For those others out there writing and making their art of choice I hope your year has started as good as mine with your passion.


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