Monday, March 4, 2013

Read An eBook Week 2013

     This week is Smashwords Read An Ebook Week. A ton of really good books at low prices, many as low as free and that's as low as you can go. For this event I marked down my first two books to free. The very first Tin Universe story Stereo 2.0 and Tin Universe #6: The Past Forward. Both are really good jumping on points for that universe of stories.
     Besides those two books there are also a lot more free and marked down materials in my Smashwords store. There's poetry collections, vignette collections, short stories, vignettes, scripts, and a tons of other stuff.
     While I have you here I'll also mention my Tin Universe Cafepress store and the merch store for the rest of my stuff.

     While I'm here how about a little progress update on the Zero Draft of my 3rd book, coming December 2014. I'm currently sitting at 115,687 words. Working the middle of the second Novella for the collection and setting up good things for Novella three and four. Having a lot of fun and my brain is exploding with ideas I'm so excited to explore.



Le Mc said...

Meant to thank you for commenting on my Revolutionary Roundup review.

Cee said...

I just saw this comment in my account settings. Blogger didn't tell me I had a comment to approve :)