Thursday, May 16, 2013

From Zero Draft to 1st Draft Begins

     I started work on the 1st Draft of the Mystery From Bunker Hill collection this week. The 1st Draft is different from the Zero Draft because- This Time It's Personal.
     Though I actually started things out on Saturday getting a notebook ready for 1st Draft work as Mar and Queen went to see The Great Gatsby and I sat in B-A-M and picked out some extremely marked down graphic novels to donate to the library.
     The things I do to get a notebook ready to write in are proof of how bad of OCD I have.
     That and checking the doors and windows several times to make sure they are locked.
     And how I have to check the stove several times before leaving to make sure everything is turned off.
     ..... STOP PICKING ON ME!
     From Zero Draft to 1st Draft would start on Monday and the first thing I did on Monday was select a TV show I wanted to have playing in the background while writing. See, writers are always focused on the finish line. That show picked was Smallville. I'm getting the DVDs from the library. Love your local library because librarians are hot and books feel good rubbed against your skin.
     When the show was on originally I only watched the first and second season and some episodes towards the end of the series when they were introducing a different DC comics hero just about every episode. Though it has weak points in classic TV writing cut out style I always loved the main cast and the casting in general on Smallville. Though Lana's boyfriend, that character is pretty weak and they even threw in family problems and it didn't help.
Not counting a boring bad guy that first episode still holds up as one of the best of the series. Remind me some other time to tell you how when I first saw the promo image from this series I thought they had actually crucified Clark and carved an S into his chest. I thought that was going to be awesome but when I found out that wasn't the case it colored my view of the show from then on.
The music in Smallville, all the feels, it gives. The soundtrack to many of a teenage cutter.
Wait, this blog entry isn't meant to piss people off so forget the cutter stuff.
Wait, wait, was that a young Janis Ian I spy with my eye on Smallville? Then you have the Amy Adams episode of Smallville of which I know a lot of people call The Fat Eater Girl episode. I know some asshole people. Who wasn't on this show? Even Iceman was on Smallville. If Rogue shows up I'm done. Smallville, the Law & Order of young actors of its time.
BREAKING NEWS: I have been informed that is actually the actors twin brother. I apologize to my friends and family for the mistake.
When these episodes of Smallville end I expect there to be a promo saying "Music from this weeks episode of Smallville is from..." Remember when shows did that? Do they still do that? I don't have cable.
Watching the season one final episode of Smallville was glorious. Can not get more heavy handed than a storm brewing outside in Kansas. I love it. It's so soap opera and just makes me smiles so wide. *flailing Kermit arms* and a To Be Continued!
Until I can get season two of Smallville from the library my temporary while writing show will be All Creatures Great And Small. One of my all time favorite shows.
     What was I talking about before I started picking things from my Twitter to ramble on about Smallville with?
     Yes, writing, the 1st Draft.
     After picking out my background static I then got a quick starting a new draft ulcer attack and between bent over attacks of pain I started work. The very first thing I did with this 1st draft was when I cut 7,982 words of stuff from the zero draft; which I'll come back to in 2015 if still around. Me and the world.
That first day of work was also made grande by talking to cool people about working with them on promo things. Talking to artists, actors, other writers, and editors. It's a good way to spend a day.
On Tuesday I cut 12,422 more words of stories from collection. Add that to the 7k cut on Monday; which will come back up in 2015 also.
On Wednesday while writing a character found a path I didn't think I was leading him down. That is a good feeling.
On Thursday, today, I'm writing this blog entry and will try to get more work done on the 1st Draft if the computer doesn't overheat too much.

If you want to get caught up on all things Tin Universe before things start up again in 2014 visit the Tin Universe site for all things Tin... a little lame but how would you have ended that sentence... ok, you wouldn't have called this a sentence....GO AWAY! so much being mean today.

I'll leave you with this picture. I'm thinking maybe this should be my next authors photos.
Though I'm probably going to have my friend Tankgirl take a new photo. Speaking of who, check out her photography here and vote for her photo here. Also if you see something you like buy something from her store on her main page there.


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