Wednesday, May 1, 2013

ZERO DRAFT DONE!!! Soon the real madness starts.

     Last night I finished the zero draft of the 2014/2015 stories. At the end it sat still at 387 pages, 177,984 words, consisting of 4 scripts for an video short mini series, 1 book trailer script, 11 short stories{for monthly release leading up to collection}, 4 scripts for an audio short mini series, Mystery From Bunker Hill {Contents- 3 novellas and 9 short stories}, 1 novella for release after collection{2015}, and 5 more short stories for monthly release{2015}
     I wrote all of this together for several reasons which include it being part of a shared universe so I really wanted it to feel as such{the share universe being The Tin Universe} I wanted to write it all at once also because in 2015 it all will be released in one as Tin Universe: Volume Two. Tin Universe: Volume One will be released at this end of 2013 collecting everything Tin Universe related I've released so far.
    These four months of writing has seen a lot happen to me as a writer and a person. I've learned a lot, beat myself up a lot, and now I'm finished with this total mess of a draft, which is the fun in allowing yourself a zero draft, and I can't wait to start on the 1st draft and see where it takes me.

     I am going to take a short rest of two weeks to re-energize, go to sleep and get up at normal hours, and play some Madden with my Richmond Bulldawgs team. I'll be starting over from the team I had before when I first got Madden 11 and then decided on the writing path I've undertaken.

     After those two weeks I'll be back into the deep end of my mind where there are no lifesavers or lifeguards even during the best of times. I'm going to try a draft per month until the end of the year and then I'll be talking to my short list of people about hiring them to edit all the 2014/2015 writing.

*if you want to check out all the things I'm released click on the image below.


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