Thursday, March 27, 2014

Under The Training Book: Talking With Mar and there was Cooper, and Stiles

     Our conversations go like this:
Mar: Hey
Me: Hey Girl
Mar: Look atchyou, playa.
Mar: Mmmm
Me: Like twins me and him are
Mar: Separated at birth or what?
Me: Excuse me while I go and pull me some Jennifer Lawrence *said in douchebag voice*
Me: You win sir
Mar: I always do
Me: The neighbors are outside being happy. Damn them.
Mar: Fuck them and their happiness
Me: yep
Mar: Are they being loud?
Me: Not really. I'm just being a grouchy old man. I need a cane to wave in the air.
Mar: ahh
Mar: You're a grumpy old man
Me: Then again where I'm from the grumpy old men who sit on their porch all day usually have shotguns, not canes.
Mar: You do not need a gun.
Me: Listen little lady, this is Merica
Mar: meh meh meh
Mar: i am so ready to go home
Mar: i am poope
Mar: pooped
Me: Glade you corrected that, I thought you had turned into The Golgothan.
Mar: Shut it
Me: I shall seduce you with all my weapons
Me: Bacon
Mar: You win

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