Thursday, April 3, 2014

Talking with Mar and there was Trudy Beekman, John Green, And Skeletor

     Like a pregnant woman with cravings and insulting compassion I'm making, I sometimes, though depression, get cravings also and those can led strange roads of conversation.
Me: Tacos... Mashed Potatoes With Gravy... Cheese Burgers... distracted by random thoughts of fooooood.
Mar: stfu
Mar: I want all of those things
Me: I want them more than you do
Mar: not possible
Mar: you know how I feel about mashed potatoes
Me: If you cared. If you really cared you'd call them by their proper name- smashed potatoes
Mar: meh meh meh "I'm Trudy Beekman and I'm on the co-op board and I'm going on a blimp." MEEEEE HHHH!
Me: Trudy, you needs to chill. Calm down. Find you a shady place out of the sun {in joke}
Me: You are a miniature of Mallory Archer and Skeletor. All three with whinny voices.
Mar: John Green is going to be at Leakeycon
Me: changing gears?
Mar: and Laurie Halse Anderson
Me: I wonder if he would sign my tit?
Mar:And Amber Benson
Me: I have two tits!!!
Me: We could take Garfield and get all the tits signed by all the writers!
Mar: You are weird
Mar: just odd
Me: Wonder if Hank will be there?
Me: Then I could get a corndog signed!!
Mar: Anywaaaaays, John Green!!!

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