Saturday, March 7, 2015

2015 MRRG Vs. Sarasota

Had a great time tonight watching some roller derby fun as the Molly Roger Rollergirls took on the Sarasota Rolling Renegades.

Introductions is always fun

I forgot who this was but I think the blurriness of it.

Another widescreen of the introductions.

This is my favorite of these.

The action was close as we where one level up from the suicide seating.

Halftime and the home town Molly Roger Rollergirls had the lead.

Playing during halftime was drums by The Love Hut Drum Tribe.

Snap Happy was dancing and giving a show before the second half started.

 But was getting a little inpatient during a official time out that was taking too long.

The final score MRRG-274 Vs. Sarasota-158

The merch prices were really good also. I picked up a t-shirt, sticker, and button for under $20.

Next home match up is April 11th Vs. Dub City {a double header}


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