Saturday, March 14, 2015

PI Day 2015

     Our PI Day contained....

The 4th Doctor. He's our co-pilot.

While Geocaching Mar approached a chubby creature that wasn't ready to be up yet.

Seeing these valleyball stands in Indialantic made me think of the Hunger Games. And then Mar started singing The Hanging Tree.

I told Mar she looked like Mac from Always Sunny In Philadelphia in this sleeveless Stitch shirt.

We didn't find pie but I found cock... cola and cake.

And Mar found her something with bacon.

It was a maple bacon bar doughnut.


Again for the bacon church fans one more picture.

My cake tasted like Serbert icecream. And my cock...soda tasted so good. Yes, that joke keep going on and on all day.

To end the day I found a new hat for work and new wallet since mine has been falling apart for a while now.


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