Friday, April 10, 2015

Tin Universe Monthly #6 Hits 505 Total Downloads On Smashwords

 It started out as my first YA book, well, my first book period really, and one of the first things I ever wrote that didn't make me want to throw up for days after releasing. The first time I felt like a writer. The Past Forward would later be inserted as part of and given away free as Tin Universe Monthly #6. I learned so much writing this sixth Tin Universe story.
     I've learned to stop checking my stats too much at Smashwords and the other places people can get my stories; so I was surprised yesterday while I was out with Mar Geocaching and buying stuff to make deviled egss for Daredevil watching when I saw Tin Universe Monthly #6 had hit the 505 Download mark on Smashwords.
     I thought that was cool.
     Now for some binge watching.
In this book for the most part you will find people saying things like: “I’m old enough to make my own underwear choices.” And “Can I kick your ass and it be ok if the ERA passes? I’m a supporter if you say yes.” And probably way too many pop culture references. Anything else on the high or low brow measure is highly due to delusions of grandeur on the part of the writer.

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Coming April 30th
Tin Universe Monthly #23
Featuring A FIRST SHOT FIRED, Part Five
March's Tin Universe Daily collected in one place

Start at the beginning,
The book that started it all.

Or the first Tin Universe Middle Grade Story,


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