Tuesday, August 5, 2008


My writing process is now: idea, write, story, edit, send, done.

Oh, and there is freak out at rejection, non-sales, and that overwhelming sense that I'm destined to fail at the editing stage no matter how creative my story is because I do not have the thought processes(you can replace with stupid but why be cruel)to polish the words into a situation that a translator doesn't have to get involved in.

But my writing process is now: idea, write, story, edit, send, done.

Move on.

Having a healthy attitude about writing rejection is right there with having a healthy attitude about God giving you a life bro... wait, that is rejection also...

Done, move on.

I have not been updating much of late or even been online that often to be honest because I have been working on getting a better house work schedule going and also writing every chance I get. Everyone else can find the bad things going on in the world and write about them on their blogs(I'll comment), and everyone else can make the cool icons and show them off on livejournal(been jealous of those for years), and everyone else can become successful and I will be happy for them.(I mean it.) With the level of sickness I have been feeling over the last year or so I'm happily just trying to find a level of happiness within me that doesn't keep me up all night and doesn't keep me from enjoying life. Yes, the world maybe crumbling around us, yes, God maybe a real big dick in his sick humor of putting a dream inside an empty vessel(my brain) but I am just me being the writer, the lover, the friend, and the day to day person trying.

I sound very high school when I get emotional on blogs. Maybe I should wri...well, finish a YA book?

Emo over.

Less modern radio moods aside, I submitted a short story last week to one company and another last night. As I have said over and over, just need to keep it going. Finished my notes off the 1st Draft of my next book and so the 2nd Draft will begin its life soon. The 1st Draft turned out good but lets hope the 2nd Draft does not have as many holes in it as #1 did.


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